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The Drive System A Cadillac SRX Has (Explained)

The Drive System A Cadillac SRX Has (Explained)

On this blog, we’ve written extensively about the Cadillac SRX and various aspects of the car. We’ve made a list of all SRX and trim levels produced after 2004. Today we’re going to talk about what SRX has what drive system. Let’s start with a quick answer:

Cadillac SRX manufactured between 2004 – 2009 have rear-wheel drive as standard for all trim levels and all-wheel drive as an option. From 2010 most SRX had front-wheel drive as a standard and all-wheel drive as an option. Some luxury trim levels on the 2013 SRX have all-wheel drive as standard.

However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Below we’ve made an extensive table telling you precisely what Cadillac SRX has what drive system. Furthermore, we also discuss what drive system is best to get when you’re in the market for a Cadillac SRX. Read on!

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Drive System Per Generation

In the table below, we’ve outlined the drive system of each trim level and generation. As you can see, most early variations of the SRX have RWD as the standard, whereas later versions have FWD as the standard. All-wheel-drive has almost always been an option on the SRX, whereas some trim levels have this as a standard.

YearTypeDrive System
2016All engine typesFWD, optional AWD
LuxuryFWD, optional AWD
PerformanceFWD, optional AWD
PremiumFWD, optional AWD
LuxuryFWD, optional AWD
PerformanceFWD, optional AWD
PremiumFWD, optional AWD
Leather FWD or AWD
Luxury AWD
Performance AWD
Premium AWD
LuxuryFWD, optional AWD
PerformanceFWD, optional AWD
PremiumFWD, optional AWD
2011All typesFWD, optional AWD
2010All typesFWD, optional AWD
2009All typesRWD, optional AWD
2008All typesRWD, optional AWD
2007All typesRWD, optional AWD
2006All typesRWD, optional AWD
2005All typesRWD, optional AWD
2004All typesRWD, optional AWD

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What Drive System To Pick?

Let’s also discuss what trim level is going to fit your need best. If you’re in the market for a Cadillac SRX, then this is, of course, an important question.

Let’s first discuss your needs. The Cadillac SRX comes with a standard option of RWD or FWD, depending on the generation you pick. What drive system you’re going to select is most likely coming into play in conditions where traction is less than usual (icy/wet roads).

If you’re looking for a car with the most traction and have to pick between these two drive systems, then the FWD option is most likely your bet. FWD cars have the bulk of the weight in the front, and the wheels are also pulling the car in the front. This means the majority of the weight is on the wheels that provide power which, in turn, increases the amount of traction you have compared to a rear-wheel-driven car.

Rear-wheel-driven cars are generally more ‘fun’ to drive for car enthusiasts because they allow the vehicle to slip at the back. Furthermore, rear-wheel-driven cars generally accelerate a little faster since the weight of the car is being pushed instead of pulled.

But what if you want to drive the car in really wet or snowy conditions? In that case, you’re better of picking an all-wheel-drive version of this car. All-wheel drive means that power is delivered to all four tires, equally, all of the time. This provides you with the most traction during winter driving which minimizes the risk of slipping.

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