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About Us is the go-to website for all drivers that need help or advice with their vehicle. Whether you’re planning on buying a new car or you want to know the detailed specs of your current one, we got you covered!

Our team consists of a handful of knowledgeable automotive specialists (e.g., mechanical engineers or car mechanics) turned content writers. This way, you can be sure that what you’re reading is actually correct since our ‘advisers’ have the know-how that’s needed.

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Stefan K.

Stefan K., owner and founder of

I’m the owner and founder of I’m a blogger by profession and an automotive enthusiast by heart.

A few years ago, I finished a nine-month course to become a car mechanic; here, I learned the basics of all-around car maintenance and repair.

I’m an active writer on this blog and mainly focus on research-heavy articles. Read more about our great team below!

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Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall, writer on and owner of

Daniel is definitely one of our most experienced writers. He is the founder and owner of, where he focuses on transmission-related articles.

Furthermore, he finished a 4-year program to be an auto mechanic at the Technical Education Centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and worked for six years as a floor manager of a transmission specialist repair shop in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

Read his articles here.

Mehdi Ali Rizvi

Mehdi Rizvi, writer on and mechanical engineering student

Mehdi is a voracious reader and an articulate writer who can (and will) talk about cars for hours at times. His interests in cars, motorcycles, and machines led him to the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore where he is currently a mechanical engineering sophomore.

His future aims include the development of an energy-efficient prototype vehicle for the Shell Eco-Marathon competition and getting a Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering from Germany.

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Marko Mikulic

Marko Mikulic, writer on and contributor on cararc, tirehungry and luxurycarsa2z

Marko´s interest in cars runs in the family. His father was a car trader and regularly took him to car dealerships when he was younger.

These days, when he isn´t watching Drivetribe or Doug DeMuro videos, he´s building up quite a resume as an automotive writer since he´s also a regular contributor on,, and

Read his articles here.
Find his Linkedin profile here.