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Types Of Gas An Alfa Romeo Stelvio (Quadrifoglio) Takes

Types Of Gas An Alfa Romeo Stelvio (Quadrifoglio) Takes

On this blog, we do a lot of research regarding specific questions about different cars. Today we’ll look at the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Stelvio Quadrifoglio and answer what kind of gas this car requires. We’ve gone through the owners’ manuals of this car’s 2017 – present-day models to find the answer. Here’s a quick answer:

All generations of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Stelvio Quadrifoglio manufactured from 2018 onwards take premium, unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91. However, regular 87 octane can be used occasionally when premium gasoline is unavailable.

However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Below we’ll dive into what kind of gas this car takes. We’ll talk about reformulated gasoline, E-85, and gasoline with additives. Should or shouldn’t you use this for the Stelvio (Quadrifoglio)? We’ll also talk about the fuel mileage of each generation as well as possible knocking noises and so much more. Read on!

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Infographic about the fuel types for a Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Does The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Need Premium Gasoline?

Let’s first dive a little deeper into the octane recommendations for this car. As stated previously, 91 octane is recommended for optimum performance, whereas 87 octane can be used when 91 is not available.

There are a few things we have to take into account here. First of all, we would say that when 91 octane is not available, it’s better to opt for 93 or 95 octane. This is because these kinds of fuel are better for the engine than 87 octane is.

However, they’re slightly more expensive, and therefore it’s not wise to use them all the time (from a financial perspective). Furthermore, gasoline with an octane rating of 93 or 95 doesn’t increase the performance or durability of the engine or fuel system. Therefore, it’s recommended to stick to the recommendations of Alfa Romeo, which is 91 octane.

At the same time, using 87 octane by default is also not a wise thing to do. We’ll talk more about that later in the subheading of engine knock.

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What Types Of Gasoline Can And Can’t Be Used?

Now that we know what kind of gasoline should be used in terms of octane levels, it’s time to dive deeper into the different kinds of gasoline that are available on the market and which ones should and shouldn’t be used with the Stelvio.

Reformulated Gasoline

One of the first things we need to discuss is the use of reformulated and non-reformulated gasoline. Reformulated gasoline is the gasoline developed to burn cleaner than non-reformulated gasoline. Therefore, it’s better for the environment than the alternative.

For this reason, reformulated gasoline has become mandatory in some areas of the United States. Therefore, it’s also good to know that the use of reformulated gasoline is encouraged by Alfa Romeo and that the Stelvio and Stelvio Quadrifoglio are fully compatible with this kind of gasoline.

Gasoline/Oxygenated Blends Or E-85

Furthermore, we have to talk about using oxygenated blends of gasoline. These oxygenated blends typically contain some form of bioproducts such as ethanol or methanol. These chemicals are added to gasoline because they burn cleaner than regular gasoline, and therefore, they’re endorsed by the United States government.

For this reason, it’s good to know that the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Stelvio Quadrifoglio are compatible with a maximum of 15%. E10 and E15 can therefore be used without any problems. However, gasoline such as E30 (30% ethanol) and E85 (51 – 83% ethanol) cannot be used and will damage the engine.

Also, using methanol in the Stelvio and Stelvio Quadirfoglio is strictly forbidden and will damage the car’s engine and fuel system.

Gasoline With Added Materials

One final aspect we need to discuss is the use of additives in gasoline. Online and in stores, you’ll find a range of products supposed to be added to your gasoline. Supposedly, these additives can clean the engine more thoroughly or improve the octane level of the gasoline.

However, it’s good to keep in mind that Alfa Romeo strictly advises against using additives in gasoline for the Stelvio. If you use additives, make sure they’re Alfa Romeo certified products and that you discussed this with your dealer.

You shouldn’t use additives in your gasoline because these additives can be very harmful to the engine and the fuel system. Many additives contain silicone or micro metals that harm your engine’s internals.

Instead, it’s advised you buy gasoline that already has all the proper additives mixed into it. TOP TIER gasoline retailers sell this gasoline. It’s been scientifically proven that gasoline these retailers sell helps the engine stay cleaner. Visit to find a retailer in your area.

What If I Hear A Knocking Noise From The Engine After Refilling?

Using 87 octane can be done occasionally when 91 octane or higher is not available. However, when using this kind of gasoline, you’ll have to take into account some precautions or at least a form of awareness of what you’re doing.

First off, it’s recommended that you only use this kind of fuel for a limited time and only when there’s no other option. 87 octane can be used, but in some cases, it will result in a phenomenon that’s called engine knock.

Engine knock happens when lower than recommended octane gasoline is used. The engine starts misfiring when it can’t handle it properly.

Please keep in mind that a slight knocking sound of the engine is not a problem. Especially when towing or driving up a hill, engine knock is common. However, if you refilled the car with 87 octane or lower and hear a loud knocking noise, it’s time to stop it immediately.

In this case, the engine cannot take lower octane gasoline. You’ll need to contact your dealer or garage, have them tow the car, and drain it off its gasoline. Furthermore, the fuel filter will need to be replaced for the fuel system to be cleaned completely.

Does the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Have Good Gas Mileage?

It’s good to know what fuel economy the Stelvio and Stelvio Quadrifoglio have when you’re out on the road. While doing our research, we found that all versions of the Stelvio have a 2.0L engine therefore, they also have an identical fuel economy. However, the Quadrifoglio has a 2.9L Twin-Turbo V6, changing its fuel economy compared to the regular versions. See the details in the table below.

2.0 242228
2.9 Quadrifoglio201723

What’s The Gas Tank Size Of An Alfa Romeo Stelvio?

All generations of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Stelvio Quadrifoglio have a fuel tank capacity of 16.9 gallons (64 liters) with a reserve tank of 2.5 gallons or 9.6 liters. Assuming an average gallon price of $4 per gallon, it costs $77,60 to fill up an Alfa Romeo Stelvio.


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