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Are BMWs Luxury Cars, And Should You Get One?

Are BMWs Luxury Cars, And Should You Get One?

We have done extensive research on BMW and written articles about it repeatedly. Today, we want to explore BMW’s luxury. Where does BMW stand in the luxury competition? What are its top models? What features do they offer? Let’s have a look:

BMW is a luxury brand. It presents some of the most top-rated luxury series, such as the BMW 7 Series and BMW X7 series. BMWs top luxury models start from around $60,000 and go up to the $150,000 mark. Its revered M performance models integrate exceptional performance into its luxury vehicles, giving horsepower values exceeding 600 and luxurious features such as an active protection system and active driving assistance, making them near-perfect driver’s vehicles.

This was the clear-cut, simple, and summarized answer. However, we’ve covered a lot of important information and details about BMW’s luxury, such as comfort, performance, and price, in the carefully organized article below.

Why Are BMWs Considered To Be Luxury Cars?

BMW checks off everything you want in a luxury vehicle, but before we dive into all of that, let’s get an overview of its most important models. BMW has a massive lineup, but our focus will be on the series that defines luxury.

BMW’s 5, 7, and 8 series sit at the top of its Sedan and Coupe offerings. At the same time, BMW’s X5 and X7 (both American-made) sit at the top of their SAV offerings. These series bring you the whole package: sporty and sophisticated exterior, luxurious and comfortable interior, and an unbelievable performance. The 5 series and 7 series are luxury sedans, and the 8 series are available in coupe, gran coupe, and convertible configurations. The X5 and X7 are luxury SAVs or Sports Activity Vehicles.

They all have standard models and M performance models that boost performance and some exterior and interior changes.

The 7 series, X7 series, and 8 series are also available in the Alpina trim, which is the product of a partnership between Alpina and BMW; this is BMW’s most exceptional trim.

Luxury Features


BMW tries to create a flawless stance and succeeds, an outlook that radiates sophistication. The bold headlights and kidney grilles make for an intimidating look. While this is common on all five series, the 8 series takes it further by offering a Shadowline exterior trim and an illuminated kidney grille. The X5 and X7 series offer Satin Aluminum roof rails and exterior trim with chrome exhaust tips.

All five series offer the power-folding heated side mirrors, and the 5 / X5 series offers non-metallic paint. However, the 7, X7, and 8 series offer metallic and non-metallic paint.


  • The 7 series offers Fineline High Gloss Wood trim with Dakota leather upholstery and brushed aluminum, touch-sensitive controls.
  • The 8 series offers Aluminum Dark Trace trim with Extended Merino leather upholstery and an instrument panel with Nappa leather finish.
  • The X5 and X7 series offer Fineline Stripe Brown High Gloss Wood trim with SensaTec upholstery and a fully furnished velour carpeting cargo area.

BMW creates a near-perfect cabin. Its panoramic moonroof makes the interior feel even more spacious than it already is, and believe us, it is. The shifting shades of ambient lighting and Harman Kardon’s surround sound system (7 and 8 series) set the perfect tone for the cabin. In contrast, the micro-filter ventilation system allows you to breathe refreshing air within the cabin.

BMW also ensures the utmost convenience and comfort with features like heated power seats, armrests, steering wheel, and a position memory system for the driver and front passenger. BMW brings everything the driver needs on the Live cockpit’s fully digital instrument cluster and information display which can be operated by voice. The intelligent personal assistant with voice control is available in all five series. The 7 series also offers gesture control, while the 8 series offers a full-color Head-up display that presents all vital information concisely on the windshield.

At every turn, BMW reminds you that it isn’t just a luxury brand; it defines luxury.

BMW M Edition

BMW offers all five series in the M edition, which take performance to the next level and beyond. Each M edition model offers an impressive, almost unbelievable increase in horsepower and performance capabilities, with the 5 / X5, 7, and 8 series all crossing the 600 horsepower mark. Every performance-related aspect gets a special M touch, including the M compound brakes and M exhaust system. You can tell the M edition model apart from its regular counterpart just by hearing it.  

However, that’s not all. It offers good upgrades on its exterior and interior. The M edition model’s exterior offers aerodynamic kits with bigger wheels, M performance badging, and an M-specific roof spoiler, making the car stand out in its athleticism. It screams power. The interior offers optimization for the drive and M multi-functional seats with lateral supports to make your exhilarating drive comfortable.


Alpina’s partnership with BMW yields the two most impressive cars in the BMW lineup: BMW Alpina B7 and BMW Alpina XB7. Only these two and the 8 series are available in the Alpina edition. The Alpina edition is all about skill and hand-craftsmanship. Its Alpina aerodynamic kit, Alpina Classic wheels, and Alpina brakes bring out a magnificent exterior and boost performance. The BMW Alpina B7 produces 600 horsepower while the BMW Alpina XB7 produces 612 horsepower.

The interior reflects Alpina craftsmanship and showcases Alpina badging on interior trim, steering wheel, and center console. BMW’s Live cockpit integrates a new color palette to compliment the unique Alpina design. The Alpina models are truly fine-tuned masterpieces.

 The Black Vermilion X5

The X5 is to be offered in a special Black Vermilion edition. This special edition vehicle will be available soon in ‘strictly limited numbers’ as stated by BMW on their website. The Black Vermilion comes in an exclusive Individual Frozen Black Paint with bright red accents on the double kidney grille. It utilizes M sport brake calipers and 22” M wheels. All of which makes for a bold and formidable exterior.

The elegant, minimalist interior comprises a Piano Black trim with crafted glass controls, complimented with Full Merino Black Leather upholster and red piping, a look fitting for a limited-edition vehicle.


For many people, exceptional performance is essential in luxury vehicles. Fortunately, BMW pairs its uncompromising luxury with an equally unrelenting performance. BMW as a brand is known for both luxury and performance. Let’s look at the performance options available in its most luxurious models.

*The first models in the tables show entry trim, such as the BMW 540i for the 5 series; a slash follows this, and then the M edition model of the same series. Alpina models are displayed as separate entries.

ModelHorsepower0-60 MPH Time (sec)
BMW 540I / M5248 / 6005.9 / 3.2
BMW 740i / M760i335 / 6005.3 / 3.6
BMW Alpina B76003.5
BMW 8 Gran Coupe /M8 Competition Gran Coupe335 / 6174.9 / 3.0
BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupe6123.3
BMW X5 xDrive40i / X5 M335 / 6005.3 / 3.8
BMW X7 xDrive40i / X7 M50i335 / 5235.8 / 4.5
BMW Alpina XB76124.0

If you opt for one of these luxury models, the lowest horsepower you can get is 248. There are plenty of impressive options in terms of performance; a range from 248 hp to 617 hp is available in these luxury models. That is an incredible range, and the M performance models have horsepowers that compare to supercars. They also come with awe-inspiring 0-60 mph times. The regular models take about 5 – 6 seconds to hit 60 mph, whereas the M models or Alpina models generally take only about 3 – 4 seconds to hit 60 mph. It’s safe to say anyone who buys one of these models will walk away amazed and quite possibly in disbelief.

Price And Cost

Luxury cars come with a hefty price tag; BMW is no exception. Luxury cars are generally expected to have a price of $40,000 or more. Among the discussed BMWs, the one with the lowest price is the BMW 540i, which starts at $62,250. As you can see, BMW stays true to this expectation of luxury. Its true luxury options are way above the $40,000 price point.

BMW 540i / M5$62,250 / $103,700
BMW 740i / M760i$89,800 / $157,800
BMW Alpina B7$143,200
BMW 8 Gran Coupe /M8 Competition Gran Coupe$85,000 / $130,000
BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupe$139,900
BMW X5 xDrive40i / X5 M$62,900 / $106,100
BMW X7 xDrive40i / X7 M50i$74,900 / $99,800
BMW Alpina XB7$141,300

The entry-level trims of these luxury series tend to cost between $60,000 and $90,000. The M performance models of the same series generally cost more than $100,000, even exceeding $150,000 for models such as the BMW M760i.

BMW costs much more than some other brands offering luxury cars, such as Acura or Buick. However, at BMW, you’re paying for refinement and class from experts in the luxury field. BMW has been a brand offering renowned luxury cars for a long time, and its prices reflect its experience. Nevertheless, its high price points mean that not everyone can afford these luxury models. In a sense, that’s what luxury entails. 


BMW offers nothing short of the top-of-the-line safety features in its vehicles. Some of the most important safety features are listed below.

  • Active Protection System detects imminent accidents and automatically closes windows and moonroof, pretensions safety belts, and activates post-crash braking.
  • Steering and Lane Keeping Assistant alerts you if you veer out of your lane and helps keep you in your lane.
  • Approach Control which applies your brakes in case a possible front-end accident is detected.
  • Daytime Pedestrian Protection to detect pedestrians in front of you and brake in case of an expected collision.
  • Active Blind Spot Detection

What BMW Is Top Of The Line And Why?

The top-of-the-line luxury vehicle would be BMW X7, although the BMW 7 series could take the spot just as easily.  The X7 is an enormous SAV, it is, in fact, the largest car that BMW has to offer, with a towing power of 7,500 lb. The X7 comes in three options: the X7 xDrive40i with 335 hp starting at $74,900, the X7 M50i with 523 hp starting at $99,800, and the Alpina XB7 with 612 hp starting at $141,300.

As one would expect, the largest SAV BMW has to offer has got quite an ample space with two main seating options: a seven seating option or six all-electric captain’s chairs. The breathtaking panoramic glass roof makes the area feel even more spacious.

The optional panoramic sky lounge LED roof works with ambient lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for any drive. The X7 completely commits to comfort and luxury. It offers bespoke style with elegant interior trims and exquisite leather upholstery with optional glass controls. Optional ventilated and massaging seats are available for supreme comfort.

The X7 has incredible exterior options available in its three packages. The standard X7 has an exquisite exterior with Satin Aluminum trim and chrome exhaust tips. The M model boosts performance and offers an exterior to match it.

It offers a bolder and sporty Shadowline trim with an aerodynamic kit and cerium grey exhaust tips. The final Alpina model brings you a specimen of master craftsmanship. It switches to the Alpina package and 21’’ Alpina dynamic wheels to bring you a product of perfect collaboration between BMW and Alpina.

The X7 is perfect for anyone who wants a near-perfect luxury vehicle. Must we say more?

Where Does BMW Rank Amongst Other Luxury Car Brands?

That’s an interesting question considering that many car companies have begun producing luxury models or released luxury brands of their own. However, the answer, in this case, is a simple one. BMW achieves a level of refinement that allows it to leave brands like Acura and Buick behind; it finds its competition in brands like Mercedes and Audi, the pioneers of luxury.

Although many brands offer luxury vehicles, their biggest advantage and selling point would be pricing over brands like Mercedes and BMW. BMW has an incredible amount of experience and expertise to place top-of-the-line performance, luxury, and comfort in its vehicles.

The main competition of BMW is its German competitor: Mercedes-Benz. BMW and Mercedes go toe to toe in nearly every aspect of luxury. Who comes out on top is a topic of much argument and, quite frankly, unnecessary. The fact is that these two brands are at the top of their game, and getting any one of their cars would give you similar benefits like luxury, sophistication, and performance.

They also come with the same questions about reliability, which is somewhat justified. They have potent and reliable engines, but the latest and quite often delicate electronic technology they are embedded with can raise some questions in unfortunate circumstances. However, this is possible in most modern and high-end cars with the latest technology. So at the end of it all, BMW and Mercedes rest at the top.

Should You Get A BMW?

Yes, if you can afford a BMW and are willing to spend that much on a luxury car. Certain BMWs are also better suited for first-time buyers while others are not so it really depends on your situation.

BMW is not cheap, but they offer some of the most refined vehicles on the market. You’ll get an unbelievable vehicle that will turn your every ride into a refreshing treat. There is no compromise or letdown in performance, safety, style, luxury, or comfort, as we have seen very clearly.

It will surely be a car you won’t regret. The next question would be: BMW or Mercedes-Benz? For that, it all comes down to appeal. BMW offers a sporty and powerful overall look, while Mercedes-Benz opts for a more elegant and sleek design.

If you’re really up to spending that much, we’ll recommend the 7series and 8series for Sedan and Coupe admirers, the X5 or X7 for those who want to go bigger and get the SAVs.

However, if you don’t have the budget or are simply unwilling to spend such an amount on a car, you have some excellent options. You can opt for relatively cheaper alternatives such as Lexus, Acura, or Buick and still take lots of those luxury features, styles, and qualities home with you, but on a smaller and more manageable budget.

It’s also important to remember that any vehicle will have problems and even though BMW is very much a luxury vehicle every model, from the X5 to the F30 are not without their issues.


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