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Types Of Gas A Ford Fusion Takes (All Generations)

Types Of Gas A Ford Fusion Takes (All Generations)

After going through every owner’s manual of Ford Fusion, we have gathered all the information you need to answer your questions more precisely. Now you won’t have to do the hectic work to search and find answers to your queries about your favorite car.

All generations of the Ford Fusion use regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87. Some 2010 – 2015 models are also compatible with E-85, which contains 85% ethanol.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s explore each aspect and discuss the cost to fill up the tank and mileage of different versions of Ford Fusion through different generations.

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Infographic explaining the different fuel types for a ford fusion.

Fuel Requirements Based On Engine Type

First-generation 2006-2012

EngineFuel Requirement
2.3L Duratec 23 I4Regular, 87 Octane number
2.5L Duratec 25 I4Regular, 87 Octane number
3.0L Duratec 30 V6Regular, 87 Octane number
3.5L Duratec 35 V6Regular, 87 Octane number

Second generation 2013-2020

EngineYears in serviceFuel Requirement
1.5L Ecoboost I42014-2020Regular, 87 Octane number
1.6L Ecoboost I42013-2014Regular, 87 Octane number
2.0L Ecoboost I42013-2020Regular, 87 Octane number
2.0L Duratec I4 (Hybrid)2013-2020Regular, 87 Octane number
2.5L Duratec I42013-2020Regular, 87 Octane number
2.7L Ecoboost V6 (Sport)2017-2019Regular, 87 Octane number

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What Types Of Gasoline Can And Can’t Be Used?

Reformulated Gasoline

Reformulated gasoline is famous for reducing harmful emissions. It is especially preferred to use in smoggy areas because it burns more cleanly than ordinary unleaded gasoline we usually use in our cars. The US EPA considers it more useful because of has no adverse effect on the environment. Ford company has no will against using reformulated gasoline in 2021 Ford Fusion engines.

EngineReformulated gas
First-generationShould use
Second generationShould use

Gasoline/Oxygenated Blends Or E-85

Ford Fusion could not handle oxygenated blends in the first year of making in 2006. Ford Fusion was given permission to use a maximum 10% of ethanol blend in its regular gasoline tank for the first time in 2007, and later on in 2010-2015 (except 2013), another facility was introduced of using the most common blend of ethanol (E85) but only if your vehicle is Flex-Fuel capable.

From 2013 regular unleaded gasoline increased its ethanol blend from 10% to 15% in regular Ford Fusion engines. Although “Premium” gasoline is recommended not to be used in your Ford Fusion, but when the Ecoboost engine was introduced in this series of Ford, like in the Ford Escape, it was then allowed to use “Premium” gasoline (with octane number 91 or higher) but only for heavy load works like towing.

That’s a little different from other Ford models, like the Explorer, which can handle premium gas but doesn’t typically need it outside of specific situations.

Suppose you are not sure whether your vehicle is Flex-Fuel capable or not. Try to find a yellow bezel around the fuel inlet, or you might see “E85” written on the fuel cap or the fuel tank door.

Model IntervalsEthanol BlendFlex Fuel Vehicle
2006Not compatibleNo
2007-200910% EthanolNo
2010-201210% Ethanol/ E85(FFV)Yes
201315% EthanolNo
2014-201515% Ethanol/ E85(FFV)Yes
2016-202015% EthanolNo

Gasoline With Added Materials

For all model years of the Ford Fusion, it’s advised you shy away from using metallic/silicon-based additives in your gasoline. The easiest way to buy the right kind of gasoline is to buy it from a TOP TIER retailer. These retailers sell gasoline with a high percentage of cleaning agents and are therefore promoted by most car makers. Go to to find one in your region.

Engine generationMetallic based additives
First-generationDo not use it in any model
Second generationDo not use it in any model

However, there may be instances in which TOP TIER gas is not available in your region. In this case, you likely fill up at BP, Amoco, Walmart, or 7-Eleven. All these brands aren’t TOP TIER retailers and you need to add a detergent to your gasoline to keep your engine clean or deposits will build-up, reducing MPG and the lifespan of your fuel system.

In this case, we recommend you go with a product like Hot Shot’s Gasoline Extreme and Stiction Eliminator. Gasoline Extreme cleans the complete fuel system whereas Stiction Eliminator focuses on the sticky, gummy residue of burnt oil in the engine.

Furthermore, these products don’t contain metallics or silicon and are guaranteed to not void any warranty. It’s the best option if you can’t fill up with TOP TIER gas in the first place.

Gasoline With MMT

MMT is methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl, which boosts the octane of gasoline. As per the owner’s manuals of Ford Fusion 2006-2020, it is stated not to use any metallic-based additives in your engine to increase octane performance because it is not manufacturer recommended.

Engine generationMMT
First-generationDo not use MMT in any model
Second generationDo not use MMT in any model


Biodiesel is a kind of diesel related to organisms, as the name suggests. This fuel is compatible with diesel engines, and as Ford Fusion does not come in diesel, it should not be used in your car engine.

Engine generationBiodiesel
First-generationDo not use
Second generationDo not use

What If I Hear A Knocking Noise From The Engine After Refilling?

If you hear a slight knocking noise after refilling, it is likely to be because you didn’t put the proper octane number fuel in your Ford Fusion engine. Knocking will be stopped by putting the right fuel and after covering some distance.

But if you hear a loud knocking or slight knocking gradually increasing and don’t stop by changing octane type, contact your dealer right away, or you might end up eradicating your vehicle warranty.

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Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV)

First of all, avoid running out of fuel, especially if you are switching between gasoline and ethanol (as it affects your powertrain components) more often. Try to fill up half your tank (5 gallons at the least).

Does the Ford Fusion Have Good Gas Mileage?

We’ll breakdown the listed MPGs for all the Ford Fusion models but if you want to do your own at-home testing you can follow the same steps that this clever YouTuber took to compare the Ecoboost settings to the regular settings:

First-generation (2006-2012)

EngineLowest Combined MPGHighest Combined MPG
Fusion 4D Sedan I4 S FWD2331
Fusion 4D Sedan I4 SE FWD2331
Fusion 4D Sedan I4 SEL FWD2331
Fusion 4D Sedan V6 SE FWD2028
Fusion 4D Sedan V6 SEL FWD2028
Fusion 4D Sedan V6 SE AWD1926
Fusion 4D Sedan V6 SEL AWD1926

Second generation (2013-2020)

Ford Fusion

EngineLowest Combined MPGHighest Combined MPG
Fusion 4D Sedan S FWD2234
Fusion 4D Sedan SE FWD2234
Fusion 4D Sedan SEL FWD2334
Fusion 4D Sedan Titanium FWD2233
Fusion 4D Sedan SE AWD2029
Fusion 4D Sedan Titanium AWD2231

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Hybrid versions of Ford Fusion give you 44 mpg in urban areas and 41 mpg on long routes on highways.

EngineCity MPGHighway MPG
Fusion Hybrid 4D Sedan SE FWD4441
Fusion Hybrid 4D Sedan Titanium FWD4441
Fusion Hybrid 4D Sedan SEL FWD4341

Ford Fusion Energi plug-in Hybrid

Ford Fusion Energi plug-in Hybrid vehicles were introduced in the second generation with a combined mpg of 38, and for hybrid and electric, it is 88 mpg.

EngineCombined MPGFor Hybrid and Electric
Fusion Energi 4D Sedan SE Luxury3888
Fusion Energi 4D Sedan Titanium3888

What’s The Gas Tank Size Of Ford Fusion?

First-generation (2006-2012)

2.3L Duratec I4 (AWD)     16.5 gallons or 62.4 liters
2.3L Duratec I4 (FWD)     17.5 gallons or 66.2 liters
3.0L Ecoboost V6 (AWD)     16.5 gallons or 62.4 liters
3.0L Ecoboost V6 (FWD)     17.5 gallons or 66.2 liters
3.5L V6  (AWD)     16.5 gallons or 62.4 liters
3.5L V6  (FWD)     17.5 gallons or 66.2 liters

Second generation (2013-2020)

1.6L Ecoboost V6 (FWD)      16.5 gallons or 62.4 liters
1.5L Ecoboost (AWD)      17.5 gallons or 66.2 liters
1.5L Ecoboost (FWD)      16.5 gallons or 62.4 liters
2.0L Ecoboost (AWD)      17.5 gallons or 66.2 liters
2.0L Ecoboost (FWD)      16.5 gallons or 62.4 liters
2.5L Engine (AWD)      17.5 gallons or 66.2 liters
2.5L Engine (FWD)      16.5 gallons or 62.4 liters
2.7L Ecoboost V6 (AWD)      18 gallons or 68.1 liters

Other than this classification Ford Fusion also offers different fuel tank sizes based on trim levels. In the following, each trim has been listed with the capacity of fuel it offers in its fuel tank, and the service years each trim provided throughout the history.

The trims introduced in 2013 offers 13.5 gallons only, while every other trim offers 14 gallons.

Sedan 4D S Hybrid2014-201914 gallons
Sedan 4D SE Hybrid2013, 2014-202013.5 gallons/14 gallons
Sedan 4D SE Energi Hybrid2013, 2014-201913.5 gallons/14 gallons
Sedan 4D Titanium Hybrid2013, 2014-202013.5 gallons/14 gallons
Sedan 4D Titanium Energi Hybrid2013, 2014-2020 (except 2019)13.5 gallons/14 gallons
Sedan 4D Platinum Hybrid201714 gallons
Sedan 4D Platinum Energi Electric2017-201814 gallons
Titanium FWD2019-202014 gallons
SE FWD2019-202014 gallons
SEL FWD2019-202014 gallons
Sedan 4D SEL Hybrid202014 gallons

How Much Does It Cost To Fill Up Ford Fusion?

Ford Fusion comes in different tank sizes in various trim levels, but all lie in the range of 13.5 gallons to 18 gallons. To fill up 13.5 gallons, it will cost you around $48.141, and for 18 gallons, it will be about $64.188 in New York.

New York2.3L Duratec 23 I417.5 gallons$62.405
New York2.5L AWD17.5 gallons$62.405
New York3.0L Ecoboost V616.5 gallons$58.839
New York3.5L V616.5 gallons$58.839
New York1.5L Ecoboost I417.5 gallons$62.405
New York1.6L Ecoboost V616.5 gallons$58.839
New York2.0L Ecoboost I417.5 gallons$62.405
New York3.5L V6 (AWD)16.5 gallons$58.839
New York2.7L Ecoboost V618 gallons$64.188
New YorkFusion Sedan 4D SE Hybrid13.5 gallons$48.141
New YorkTitanium FWD14 gallons$49.924
New YorkSedan 4D Platinum Energi Electric14 gallons$49.924

In Oklahoma, the rate of gasoline ($2.990) is the cheapest of all states of The United States (at the time of writing this article). To fill up 13.5 gallons, it will cost you $40.365, and for 18 gallons, it will be around $53.82 in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma2.3L Duratec 23 I417.5 gallons$52.325
Oklahoma2.5L AWD17.5 gallons$52.325
Oklahoma3.0L Ecoboost V616.5 gallons$49.335
Oklahoma3.5L V616.5 gallons$49.335
Oklahoma1.5L Ecoboost I417.5 gallons$52.325
Oklahoma1.6L Ecoboost V616.5 gallons$49.335
Oklahoma2.0L Ecoboost I417.5 gallons$52.325
Oklahoma3.5L V6 (AWD)16.5 gallons$49.335
Oklahoma2.7L Ecoboost V618 gallons$53.82
OklahomaFusion Sedan 4D SE Hybrid13.5 gallons$40.365
OklahomaTitanium FWD14 gallons$41.86
OklahomaSedan 4D Platinum Energi Electric14 gallons$41.86

In California, it would cost you in the range of $63.477 (to fill up a 13.5 gallons tank) to $84.636 (to fill up an 18 gallons tank of Fusion), Being the most expensive of all the states of The United States.

California2.3L Duratec 23 I417.5 gallons$82.285
California2.5L AWD17.5 gallons$82.285
California3.0L Ecoboost V616.5 gallons$77.583
California3.5L V616.5 gallons$77.583
California1.5L Ecoboost I417.5 gallons$82.285
California1.6L Ecoboost V616.5 gallons$77.583
California2.0L Ecoboost I417.5 gallons$82.285
California3.5L V6 (AWD)16.5 gallons$77.583
California2.7L Ecoboost V618 gallons$84.636
CaliforniaFusion Sedan 4D SE Hybrid13.5 gallons$63.477
CaliforniaTitanium FWD14 gallons$65.828
CaliforniaSedan 4D Platinum Energi Electric14 gallons$65.828


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