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The Types Of Gas A Infiniti QX60 Takes (Explained)

The Types Of Gas A Infiniti QX60 Takes (Explained)

Today, our team is putting all of our energy into the Infiniti QX60. We aim to answer all the fuel-related questions that you might have regarding the QX60. The main one is what type of gas would be best for your Infiniti QX60. We will go through all kinds of gasoline available in the market and various types of additives.

But before we dive deep into all the fuel-related chaos, we will brief you about what’s coming ahead so you can get ready and prepare yourself for the ride. First, here’s a quick summary

The 2.5L Inline 4 Hybrid requires regular gas with 87 octane (even though it has a supercharger). 3.5L V6 requires premium-grade gas with 91 octane. Additives like octane boosters are not allowed. Oxygenates up to 10% can be used — MTBE can be used up to 15%. E85 is not permitted. E15 can only be used from 2018 onwards.

However, this one paragraph does not answer all the fuel-related problems one might face. So to know every fuel-related aspect of the QX60, we will go through strenuous research and compile all the engines available, including the special ones having more power than the rest.

After we are done with all the engine types and their respective fuel requirements, we will look at the kinds of additives you can and can not use in your Infiniti QX60. When we have successfully addressed all types of additives and the manufacturers’ recommendations, we will go through all the engines again and give you their respective mpg.

To conclude this article, we will calculate how much you would have to spend refilling your fuel tank no matter which state you are in. You might be in Alabama or traveling to Oklahoma; wherever you are, you will know how much you would have to spend on gas. 

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Infographic explaining the different fuel types for an infiniti QX60

Fuel Requirements Based On Engine Type

Even though plenty of massive changes were made to the Infiniti QX60 lineup, the generations remained only two in total. Most changes are put under the facelift or refresh category, but not the generation change category. So in our database, as we divide all of our vehicles in question around the generations, we will now further make subdivisions wherever necessary.

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First Gen Infiniti QX60 (2014-2020)

The rebadged JX35 was now available from 2014 onwards as the first-gen QX60. This lineup also introduced the hybrid models as well. Although many improvements were carried out, the generation remained the same. The highlights were the facelift in 2016 and an improved V6 engine in 2017.

The table below lists all the engine options that you might find in an Infiniti QX60.

EngineFuel Requirement
2.5L inline-4 Hybrid FWD with a supercharger having Automatic Transmission (AV-S7)Regular 87 octane
2.5L inline-4 Hybrid AWD with a supercharger having Automatic Transmission (AV-S7)Regular 87 octane
3.5L V6 FWD paired with an Automatic91 octane recommended
3.5L V6 AWD paired with an Automatic91 octane recommended

Second Gen Infiniti QX60 (2021-Present)

EngineFuel Requirement
3.5L V6 FWD paired with a 9-speed automatic (ZF 9HP)91 octane recommended
3.5L V6 AWD paired with a 9-speed automatic (ZF 9HP)91 octane recommended

What Types Of Gasoline Can And Can’t Be Used?

Reformulated Gasoline

Nissan’s wealthy cousin Infiniti also recommends using this reformulated gasoline. These reformulated gasoline are used to reduce toxic emissions by quite a margin. Something is better than nothing, right? Every little bit counts. So to save our environment from the harms of pollution, this is a small action that would make a difference.

Gasoline/Oxygenated Blends Or E-85

Infiniti does not recommend using an oxygenate blend having more than 10% oxygenate(increased to 15% in 2018). However, the MTBE can be added up to 15% in the earlier models. E-15, on the other hand, having 15% oxygenate, is not to be used in any circumstances in the models before 2018; doing so will damage the emission control system.

Methanol content can only be used up to 5%. The limited warranty will not cover any damage due to improper additives.

Gasoline With Added Materials

Most of the additives/added materials to the regular gas are not recommended by the manufacturer. Most additives will be marketed to increase the octane rating of the fuel. It might increase the octane, but it will also damage your engine components and the emission control system of your vehicle. It’s better to avoid these additives.

Gasoline With MMT

The manufacturer prohibits gasoline with added MMT (methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl). If you are hoping to lose your warranty and modify your engine to run races, then you might be able to put MMT without causing any significant issues (theoretically).


There are no diesel Infiniti QX60s available in the market; if there are, we will update this section right away.

What If I Hear A Knocking Noise From The Engine After Refilling?

When you pull up at a filling station, and after you are done with refueling your QX60, and you start driving, if you hear a slight knocking sound, it’s nothing to be worried about. But if the sound keeps on getting louder, it means the filling station was selling low-quality fuel. You can remedy this problem by filling with higher octane fuel, preferably premium grade with 93 Octane.

If the knocking doesn’t go away even after buying expensive fuel, it means your engine needs service. It is the point where the manufacturer recommends coming to one of their expensive dealerships to have your vehicle inspected. A consistent heavy knock that has been ignored for some time will lead to engine damage.

Does the Infiniti QX60 Have Good Gas Mileage?

As the Infiniti Qx60 has been available as a hybrid, the mileage area for this cross-over is very promising. The non-hybrid variants are not bad either. The best bang for the buck would be the all-wheel-drive hybrid, as it would give you better mileage and hauling capability. 

First Gen Infiniti QX60 (2014-2020)

EngineLowest Combined MPGHighest Combined MPG
2.5L inline-4 Hybrid FWD with a supercharger having Automatic CVT Transmission (AV-S7)2628
2.5L inline-4 Hybrid AWD with a supercharger having Automatic CVT Transmission (AV-S7)2528
3.5L V6 FWD paired with an Automatic CVT2027
3.5L V6 AWD paired with an Automatic CVT1925

Second Gen Infiniti QX60 (2021-Present)

Only one engine option is available in the second-gen Infiniti QX60, which is the same 3.5L V6 (VQ35DD) engine that has been used in the first generation; however, the engine got a tune-up —increasing the horsepower from 265 hp to 295hp, and the torque increased from 248 lb-ft to 270 lb-ft.

EngineLowest Combined MPGHighest Combined MPG
3.5L V6 FWD paired with a 9-speed automatic (ZF 9HP)2126
3.5L V6 AWD paired with a 9-speed automatic (ZF 9HP)2025

What’s The Gas Tank Size Of Infiniti QX60?

The first-gen Infiniti QX60 models are fitted with a 19-gallon gas tank regardless of the trim level. The second-gen, however, comes equipped with an 18-gallon gas tank.

First Gen Infiniti QX60 (2014-2020)

EngineGas Tank
All variants19 gallons

Second Gen Infiniti QX60 (2021-Present)

EngineGas Tank
All variants18 gallons Approx.


How Much Does It Cost To Fill Up An Infiniti QX60?

If you are a person who has a first-gen model of the Infiniti QX60 (2014-2020), it means you have a 19-gallon gas tank.

In Texas, you will be paying the least amount per gallon, while on the other hand, you will be paying the highest amount per gallon in California. So wherever you are, the final amount will be in between these two states.

In Texas, one gallon costs $3.106. If you have a 19-gallon gas tank, you will have to spend about $60. While in California, one gallon costs $4.680, and if you have the 19-gallon tank, you will have to pay about $89 for a full tank.

A second-gen model having an 18-gallon tank (second-gen) requires mid-grade gas, which will cost more. In California, it’s at $4.87, making a total of $88 for a full tank. While in Nebraska, the mid-grade is the cheapest, at 3.354 per gallon, making a total of about $60. You get a gallon less for about the same price for 19 gallons of regular gas.  

In a nutshell, no matter where you are, you will be spending somewhere around $60-$90 for a full tank of gas in your Infiniti QX60.


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