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How Many Miles Can A Hummer Last? (+Reliability Scores)

How Many Miles Can A Hummer Last? (+Reliability Scores)

How many miles can a Hummer last? When you’re in the market for a new or second-hand Hummer H1, H2 or H3, that’s, of course, a very reasonable question to ask. After all, you’re probably looking to get the most bang for your buck. In this blog, we’ll look at this question in great detail but first, let’s start with a quick answer:

On average, a Hummer lasts between 200.000 – 330.000 miles, depending on the Hummer you have. The H1 with the highest recorded mileage is 200.000 miles. The H2 has a highest recorded mileage of 250.000 miles, and the H3 has a highest recorded mileage of 380.000 miles.

Having said that, we’re certainly not done. Below we’ll first explain in more detail how many miles a Hummer can last. After that, we’ll also show you how much a Hummer costs per year and which production years are the most and least expensive. Furthermore, we also discuss the common problems that the car can have. Read on!

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How Many Miles Can A Hummer Last?

Military vehicles are made to last, and since the Hummer was invented in a military environment, it is no exception. Even though it had a limited production run for civilians, we have seen them cross very high mileage. To give validity to these reliability claims, we have done extensive research.

For this, we went to and found a sample size of 1.041 Hummer (H1, H2, and H3) that were for sale in the American market. Then, we divided this sample group into categories depending on the number of miles each unit had driven. The results are displayed in the table below.

Amount Of MilesPercentage Of Cars
Cars With 150.000+24.27%
Cars With 100.000 – 149.00037.85%
Cars With 45.000 – 99.99930.39%
Cars With 0 – 44.9997.49%

We´ve written this kind of article for well over a hundred vehicles. Because of this, we know that we expect 5-7% of a sample group to have a mileage above 150.000. If this is the case, we deem an SUV to be a reliable vehicle. However, as you can see, the Hummer far exceeds this percentage.

The main reason for this is the fact that the Hummer brand was discontinued in 2009. Therefore, the units that are still on the road have had time to rack up the miles, whereas there´re no newer models dragging the average back down. However, no matter how you put it, it does seem that Hummers are capable of driving higher mileage.

dark blue 2006 Hummer H2 SUT advertisement from with 287.448 miles
At the time of updating this article, this is the highest mileage Hummer on

How Reliable Is A Hummer Compared To Its Competitors?

Now, let´s have a look at how Hummers compare to different kinds of vehicles that kind of fit into its class. Please keep in mind we´ve written individual articles for all other vehicles in the table. Therefore, we´re confident about the results.

What we found is that Hummers fit right up there with other, very sturdy vehicles. For example, the expected mileage of a Hummer is equal to or better than the Ford Expedition and the Toyota Higherlander. Furthermore, we also found a Hummer that has a recorded mileage of 380.000. This indicates these vehicles can last a very long time if they´re well taken care of.

ModelSample SizeExpected MileageHighest Mileage
Hummer (H1,H2,H3)1.041265.000380.000
Ford F-15070.067290.000350.000
GMC Yukon6.311215.000280.000
Ford Expedition4.642250.000290.000
Toyota Highlander12.777270.000329.000
Chevy Tahoe11.515240.000340.000

How Reliable Are The Hummer Models?

Besides a comparison to other vehicles, it´s also important to compare Hummers to each other. As you most likely know, there´re different kinds of Hummers. There´s the H1, H2, H3, and H3T, of which the H1 is the oldest one. As you can see in the table below, the H2 and H3 seem to be the most reliable vehicles of the Hummer Brand. We´ve found units that had 250.000 miles and 380.000 miles on the odometer respectively.

However, the Hummer H1 and the H3T don´t perform as well. It could very well be that the sample sizes of these two vehicles were too small to extract reliable data from. Furthermore, it could also be that the H1 has been on the market for so long already that most units have reached the ends of their lives.

ModelSample SizeCars With 150.000+ Miles% Percentage Of Cars With 150.000+Highest Mileage
Hummer H18045%200.000
Hummer H256711920.98%250.000
Hummer H338013736.05%380.000
Hummer H3T15213.33%200.000

However, no matter how you put it, it does seem like Hummer used to build reliable vehicles that were capable of driving mileage that is associated with large SUVs. This is a definite positive point for Hummer.

How Much Does Maintenance Cost Per Year?

Now these Hummers are not cheap to maintain. I mean, what would you expect of a vehicle that was designed for military purposes? Below, we´ve provided you with tables of expected maintenance costs of all different variations of the Hummer. In most cases, you can expect to shell out $700 – $900 per year to keep a vehicle on the road that´s well over 15 years old.

Model YearAnnual Maintenance Cost
Hummer H1$662 on average
Model YearAnnual Maintenance Cost
2007 Hummer H2$683
2008 Hummer H2$829
2009 Hummer H2$789
Model YearAnnual Maintenance Cost
2007 Hummer H3$571
2008 Hummer H3$629
2009 Hummer H3$617
Model YearAnnual Maintenance Cost
2009 Hummer H3T$898
2010 Hummer H3T$875

Owners’ Reviews Of The Hummers Reliability

Besides knowing all the data, it’s, of course, also essential to see how owners experience the Hummer. For this, we went to Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. All three platforms have gathered hundreds of reviews from actual car owners. We summarized our findings in the image below.

owners ratings of Hummer H3 on Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds for the Hummer H3
Hummer H3 Owners Ratings

When we look at the owners’ ratings and reviews of the Hummer H3 we found that people were crazy about this car across the board. On KBB the car scored a solid 4.5 and Edmunds ratings ended up being a 4.6. The sentiment about the H3 is very well captured in the quote below.

Just bought my H3 luxury with 40,000 miles. I love the exterior and interior design. The engine is only a 3.7 and its a little underpowered but its not TOO bad. I think GM should of put a bigger engine in it. (…) The visibility is not great but not a big issue for taller drivers. The leather is very comfortable and the sunroof is huge! The monsoon system is banging. It turns heads like crazy! I love this car and wont get rid of in until the wheels fall off!

Source, 2008 H3 owner
owners ratings of Hummer H3 on Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds for the Hummer H3
Hummer H2 Owners Ratings

Furthermore, when we look at the owners’ ratings of the Hummer H2 we see that these are very good once again. On KBB the car got a 4.6 and Edmunds ended up at a 4.7 on average. From all these numbers we feel its save to say that the Hummer brand did satisfy its customer base.

Hummer Common Problems

Besides mileage calculations and owner ratings it´s of course also a good idea to have an idea about common problems if you´re in the market for a Hummer. Below, we´ve outlined the common problems for each type of Hummer.

NOTE: Before buying a used car, I always like to make sure the vehicle isn´t having any problems that you should be aware of. The easiest way to do this is by buying an OBD2 scanner. These scanners can easily be plugged into any car you’re interested in, and they’ll give you a rundown of potential problems.

Common Issues With the Hummer H1

The first generation of the Hummer was definitely not without its flaws. It was also a vehicle that lacked a lot of comfort because of its military roots. Here´s a list:

  • Poor heat insulation causes a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle as well as making the interior unbearable warm (1992 – 1993 models).
  • HVAC failing heater core that didn´t solve the warm interior issue (1994 models).
  • The electronic traction system wasn´t as good as the ones that came before it (1999 models).
  • Cracked engine blocks because of a production issue with the cylinder (1996 – 2000 models). Although most engine blocks were repaired under warranty.

Common Issues With The Hummer H2

  • Moisture on the windshield wiper circuit board causing malfunctioning.
  • Shorting of the door lock switch.
  • Mirrors not folding, which were often replaced by GM under warranty (2003 – 2005).
  • Failing speedometer and tachometer.
  • Oil pump failure.

Common Issues With The Hummer H3

There are some minor issues reported with the H3, but they aren’t alarming issues. With proper maintenance, they go a long way.

  • Engine running rough in the 2006 model years that required replacement of the head gaskets. If not replaced, the head gaskets would blow off.
  • Engine misfire and cylinder head failure as well as leaking valves (mainly a 2006 problem again).

Is a Hummer A Smart Buy?

The final question we have to answer is whether or not a second-hand Hummer is a smart buy. One thing we can say for sure is that the data tells us these vehicles are made to have a long life. Our statistical research indicates that many Hummers have crossed 150.000 miles.

Furthermore, Hummers perform very well when compared to other SUVs and trucks that are built to last such as the Toyota Highlander or Ford F-150. Owners are very positive about the H2 and H3 variants and, although they do have some problems, many vehicles will have had a warranty replacement for the more serious issues already.

Negatives are the fact that maintenance costs are high and that Hummers most likely won´t be the pinnacle of comfort. Also, keep in mind the extremely low MPG of these vehicles in a world where gas prices are quite high. Finally, replacement parts will be hard to find since not many have been sold and they´ve been out of production for well over a decade.

Hummer Maintenance Schedule

Hummers have elementary maintenance procedures; they are not that complicated to work on; if you are mechanically inclined, it wouldn’t be hard to do the regular maintenance on your own. However, there will be some maintenance that would require the help of professionals.

Before/On Every 10,000 Miles

  • Change Engine Oil
  • Replace the oil filter.

But it’s actually better to change these before/on 7500 miles for best performance and long-lasting protection.

Before/On Every 20,000 Miles

  • Replace the passenger compartment air filter
  • Inspect the tires
  • See if there’s any prevailing rust
  • Check for any fluid leaks
  • Tire replacement

Before/On Every 40,000 Miles

  • Replace the air intake filter
  • Replace the transfer case fluid
  • Inspect the evaporative control system
  • Change the automatic transmission fluid
  • Inspect the differentials and check the oil.

Before/On Every 60,000 Miles

  • Inspect the spark plugs
  • Inspect the ignition coils
  • Have an engine diagnosis with a scanner tool and see for any abnormal reading.
  • Inspect the electronics system
  • Inspect the brake pads and rotors
  • Drive belt replacement
  • The manufacturers recommend changing the first coolant at 60k miles and the later ones after every 30k miles. It depends on different factors, you should check the color of the coolant to tell which one is it. If it’s the silicated one, you would have to change it after every 30k miles and if it’s the extended drain coolant, then you can change it after 100k miles.

Before/On Every 100,000 Miles

  • This is where the suspension components start to wear and you might have to replace the worn-out ones
  • Inspect the transmission fluid and replace it if necessary.
  • Service the radiator core
  • Service the AC condenser

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