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2 Irritating Nissan Murano Liftgate Problems

2 Irritating Nissan Murano Liftgate Problems

Nissan Murano typically are reliable cars. However, they did have their fair share of problems throughout the years. In this article, we wrote extensively about all the common problems you´ll run into with a Nissan Murano. Today, we´ll look specifically at the liftgate problems. Here is a quick summary:

Nissan Murano made between 2015 – 2018 have had problems with a failing automatic back door control module which needed to be replaced, as well as a constant warning chime from the liftgate due to a faulty back door warning chime.

However, that certainly doesn´t tell us everything about the liftgate problems on a Nissan Murano. Below, we´ll give you a detailed look at the potential issues, what caused them and how you can fix them. Read on!

1. Failing Liftgate Together With Fault Codes

2015 – 2018 Murano, as well as 2016 Murano hybrid models, had a technical service bulletin issued in January 2019. In these cases, the owners reported the liftgate did not function. Oftentimes, this issue also resulted in several stored fault codes in the automatic back door control module. These included: B2426-29, LHB2427-29, B2416-1E, B2417-1E, and B242A-13.

To fix this problem, dealers first had to make sure the battery voltage was between 12 – 15.5 volts. If this was the case, they needed to reprogram the automatic back door control unit. This is something only a certified dealer was able to do.

Furthermore, it’s good to know that reprogramming this unit would cause certain functions to operate differently in the 2015 models. To learn more about that, click the link to the technical service bulletin we linked to earlier.

2. Constant Warning Chime

A slightly more annoying issue haunted the 2015 – 2017 model years of the Murano, including the 2016 Murano hybrid. Owners complained about hearing the back door warning chime constantly if the ignition was in the ON position. Dealers were ordered to replace the back door warning chime, which could be found above the rear bumper, as seen in the images.

What If These Don´t Work?

Now, if these recalls and service bulletins don´t apply to your Murano, or if they didn´t fix the issue, there are other solutions you can try.

  • In some models, there´s a switch for the liftgate. This switch allows you to turn the liftgate off. You could accidentally turn this switch on, so check this first.
  • Another solution is that there´s a temporary glitch in the electrical system. Resetting the fuses is a good try. To do this, remove the left panel on the left side of the dashboard. You´ll see the fuse box, and you´ll also see a white ´block´. Pull this block out and start the car; you´ve now activated shipping mode (Check 1:08 in the video below to see how this is done, the video is for a Nissan Rogue, but the fuse box of the Murano is located in the same spot). Put the block back and try the liftgate again.
  • If none of this has worked, resetting the battery can be a good try. To do this, simply disconnect your battery (be careful and do it in the right order). Wait for 30 seconds and reconnect.
  • If none of this has worked, replacing the liftgate control module is the only solution left. You´ll need to go to a mechanic to have this done. Expect to pay between $350 – $450, including labor.

The video below explains these steps in more detail and more visually.

Closing Thoughts

In this article, we took a closer look at a specific area of concern for Nissan Murano owners: the liftgate problems. We outlined the notable issues prevalent in the 2015 – 2018 models, touching upon the automatic back door control module failures and the incessant warning chimes owing to a faulty back door warning system.

But we went further than just highlighting the problems; we offered you a detailed breakdown of these issues, explaining the causes behind them and suggesting ways to address them. By delving deep into the matter, we aimed to provide you with a robust understanding of the issues at hand.

As we wrap up, we trust that you are now equipped with a comprehensive insight into the Nissan Murano’s liftgate problems, ready to handle any concerns that might arise efficiently. Remember, a well-informed owner is a happy owner. Thank you for reading, and we hope this guide proves beneficial in maintaining the optimal functionality of your vehicle’s liftgate.

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