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Where Is The Ford Focus Made? (Answered)

Where Is The Ford Focus Made? (Answered)

In this series of blogs, we research where particular cars are made. Today we did extensive research on one of Ford’s best-sellers: the Ford Focus. This particular car has had a long production run and is also produced worldwide, so there’s many locations to look at. Let’s start with a quick answer:

In the United States, the Ford Focus was produced in Wayne, Michigan. In Europe, different versions of the Focus are produced in Saarlouis, Germany. In Asia, there are two production facilities in China, Harbin and Chongqing. Also, Ching Lu, Taiwan, and Rayong, Thailand are places the Focus is produced. Finally, St. Petersburg, Russia, and General Pacheco, Argentina are assembly points for the Focus.

However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Below we start with outlining all the assembly locations of the Ford Focus worldwide. After that, we discuss where certain parts of the Focus are produced. We’ll also teach you how to identify where your particular car was manufactured. We’ll finish by looking at the sales numbers for the Focus in different regions of the world. Read on!

Assembly Locations Of The Ford Focus

In the United States, the Ford Focus was only assembled in Wayne, Michigan. Production of the Focus started here in 1999, and on the 4th of May 2018, the last American-made Ford Focus rolled of the line. This assembly location is one of the longest-standing Ford facilities in the United States. The facility opened in 1957 and currently has 4,900 employees. These days it’s mainly used to assemble the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco.

In other parts of the world, the Ford Focus is still being sold. In Europe, the Ford Focus is assembled in Saarlouis, Germany. Ford produces the regular Focus, the Focus Electric (since June 2013), and the Focus ST at this assembly plant. This assembly plant was opened in 1970, and it currently employs 6,190 workers.

1) Wayne, Michigan. 2) Saarlouis, Germany. 3) Harbin, China. 4) Chongqing, China. 5) Ching Lu, Taiwan. 6) Rayong, Thailand. 7) St. Petersburg, Russia. 8) General Pacheco, Argentina.

In Asia, the Ford Focus also has its production facilities. China has two assembly locations where the Ford Focus is being produced. In 2016 Ford opened a production plant in Harbin, which currently only produces the 5-door Focus. Chongqing is the largest Focus assembly facility since it has 3 different plants in the same city. The Chongqing facility was opened in 2012, and the 2nd assembly plant is currently the place where the Ford Focus is made.

Continuing with facilities in Asia, it’s good to know the Focus is also produced in Ching Lu, Taiwan. This facility has been open since 1973 and has 800 employees. The Ford Focus that is sold in Australia is normally made in the facility in Taiwan. This facility is owned for 70% by Ford and 30% by the Lio Ho Group.

Another Asian facility is the one in Rayong, Thailand. The facility opened in 2012, has 2,020 employees, and mainly produces the Focus for the Australian market.

Ford also has a Focus production facility in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is a 50/50 joint venture with a company called Sollers. The assembly facility currently has 2,960 employees. There’s also a Focus assembly factory in General Pacheco, Argentina. Here, Ford produces the 4 & 5 door Focus. The plant has 3,823 employees and has been open since 1961

Where Are The Parts Made For A Ford Focus?


The 1.0L 3-cylinder EcoBoost of the Focus is made in the Ford production facility in Cologne, Germany. The 2.0 and 2.3L 3-cylinder EcoBoost engines for the Focus ST are made in Valencia, Spain. The 1.5L I3 and I4 EcoBoost Focus engines are made in Bridgend, England. The 1.5, 1.6, and 2.0L Diesel engines that the Focus uses are made in Dagenham, London, United Kingdom.

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Stamping & Forging

Stamping is a process that involves turning metal sheets into usable parts. For the Focus, stamping is done in several plants. Ford doesn’t specify where exactly they stamped the parts for the Focus in the United States. This was likely either the Dearborn or Woodhaven plant, which are both located in Michigan. Otherwise, it’s the Chicago, Illinois, or Buffalo, New York plant. Stamping for the 4-door and 5-door Focus also happens in General Pacheco, Argentina.

Forging is another part of the production process in which metal is shaped for actual use in the vehicle. Ford has four production facilities where metal is forged, for the Focus metal was most likely forged in the production facility in Cologne, Germany.


The MTX75 and MMT6 transmission of the Ford Focus is made in Cologne, Germany. The 6F35 transmission is made in Sharonville, Ohio, and Sterling Heights, Michigan. The 6F15 is made in Chongqing, China, and the 8F24/35/40 are made in Guanajuato, Mexico, and Livonia, Michigan.

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Throughout the years, the Ford Focus has made use of many different brands of tires. A few of the most noticeable brands are Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Hancook, and Kumhoo. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to tell where the tires of the Focus are produced. All these brands have dozens of production facilities worldwide, and there’s no information on where a certain Ford factory sources its tires from.

How To Know Where My Ford Focus Was Made?

Suppose you want to know specifically where your Ford Focus was made, then it’s a good idea to check the car’s VIN. The VIN is a 17 digit code located on the upper left part of your dashboard (upper-left when you’re sitting in the driver seat). The first 3 digits of the VIN show in which country the car is made. Below we’ve outlined the codes that apply to the Focus.

  • United States: 1FA, 1FB, 1FC, 1FD, 1FM, 1FT
  • China: LVS
  • Germany: WF0
  • Taiwan: LFA
  • Thailand: MNB
  • Argentina: 8AF

How Many Ford Focus Where Sold?

In total, Ford has now sold a total of 6,909,970 Focus cars. 1,687,217 of those have been sold in Europe, where production started in 2013 and continues to this day. 3,882,408 units of the Focus have been sold in the United States, where production started in 1999 and was discontinued in 2019.

Smaller markets include China, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Thailand. Respectively 831,959 – 319,786 – 55,236 – 129,710 and 3,654 units of the Focus were sold in these countries.

Calendar YearEuropeChinaUSACanadaMexicoAustraliaThailand
1999          55,896
2000       286,166
2001       264,414
2002       243,199
2003       229,353
2004       208,339       11,422
2005       184,825       26,861
2006       177,006       27,718
2007       173,213       24,013
2008       195,823       32,082       15,623
2009       160,433       21,831          9,602       11,089
2010       172,421       23,452          9,234          9,848
2011       175,717       25,736       11,974       12,863
2012       245,922       27,936       13,123       18,586
2013  224,139       234,570       25,781       11,303       19,180
2014  222,834  392,000       219,634       22,392       15,116       1,700
2015  230,300       202,478       21,101          7,112          936
2016  210,200  237,915       168,789       16,627          6,783          525
2017  210,500  167,044       158,385       11,306          5,953          363
2018  193,600       113,345          3,875          130
2019  223,100          12,480          1,528          3,682

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