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What Is Tip Start On A Jeep/Dodge (Answered)

What Is Tip Start On A Jeep/Dodge (Answered)

If you own a Dodge RAM or Jeep that was produced between 2009 – 2018, you’ve likely encountered the Tip start function by either using your car or going through the owner’s manual or build sheet. However, we understand that this is not a standard feature, and it needs some explaining. Let’s start with a quick answer:

Tip start is a feature found on some Dodge RAMs and Jeeps from 2009 onwards. It allows the driver to put the ignition in the ‘start’ position, from where the car’s electronic control module will keep cranking the starter engine until the car starts. In most modern days, RAM’s and Jeeps tip start has been replaced by remote start.

However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Below we’ll dive deeper into how Tip start works. After that, we’ll talk about the sense and nonsense of Tip start. We’ll also discuss which cars have Tip start and how much the feature costs on these cars. Read on!

How Does Tip Start Work?

As said before, Tip start allows the owners of Dodge RAMs and Jeeps only to turn the ignition once. From there on, the electronic control module of the car (basically the computer) will keep cranking the car’s starter engine until it starts. If the vehicle does not start using this method, the ECM will turn off the starter engine after 10 seconds of cranking to prevent overheating.

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Is Tip Start Useful?

Whether or not Tip start is helpful entirely depends on personal opinion. It seems that most owners of trucks that have this feature have gotten used to Tip start. Because they’ve called used to it, their general response to the feature is positive, and it does take away the slight discomfort of cranking the car a few times.

However, there’s also the obvious here, and that’s the fact that cranking a car for a few seconds is not the biggest problem in the world. Therefore, a lot of people also see Tip start as a slightly useless feature.

So the question we have then is why Tip start was added to RAM trucks and Jeeps. The reason for this has to do with advancements in technology and features. Tip start was one of the first features that allowed these vehicles to start their car more easily.

Even though the function in its final form may seem a bit useless, the technology it uses did pave the way for other features. One of those is the widely used ‘remote start’ feature that many RAM trucks and Jeeps have nowadays. The ‘push button start’ is also a direct result of this technology. The Tip start function may therefore not look impressive. Still, it did allow these manufacturers to test new technology on a large scale to eventually create something that is seen as applicable to the masses.

Furthermore, it also serves an efficient function. That’s that the ignition of a car is an element that’s exposed to a lot of wear and tear. The force placed on this part when starting the vehicle makes it vulnerable to malfunctioning in the future. Tip start aims to alleviate some of this wear and tear to make the part last longer.

What Cars Have Tip Start?

Tip start is a standard feature on 4th generation Dodge RAM’s produced between 2009 – 2018. Jeeps that were built within the same time period typically also have Tip start as a standard feature.

Both Dodge and Jeep have Tip start because they’re part of the same parent company. These days that company is called Stellantis (which was formed by merging Fiat-Chrysler and Groupe PSA). However, during the production of Tip start, both Dodge and Jeep were already part of Fiat-Chrysler, which is why they both have the feature since the technology was shared.

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Does Tip Start Cost Extra?

Tip start didn’t cost anything extra since it was a standard feature on 4th generation RAMs and Jeeps of the same time period. These days Tip start is not available as a standard feature and is normally replaced with remote start. If your truck or Jeep does not have a remote start, installing Tip start in the aftermarket is still possible. That will cost around $249 for both a Dodge RAM and a Jeep (source, source).

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