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This Is Where The Buick Encore Is Made

This Is Where The Buick Encore Is Made

We’ve written extensively about the Buick Encore and its capabilities on this blog. Today we’re going to look at where the Buick is made. This seems to be a straightforward question, but this car consists of many components (engine, transmission, tires, etc.) made in different parts of the world. Let’s start with a quick answer:

Buick Encore for the North-American market is assembled in Bupyeong-Gu, South Korea and Yantai, Shandon in China, whereas the Encore for the international market is assembled in Shenyang, Liaoning in China. The engines are mainly manufactured in Flint, Michigan, Szentgotthárd, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria. The transmissions are mainly made in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and Sharonville Ohio as well as Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

However, that certainly doesn’t answer the question entirely. Below, we’ll first dive into detail about the assembly location. After, that we’ll give you the complete rundown of where the engines are made, and we’ll do the same for all transmissions used in this vehicle. Finally, we’ll talk about how to identify which tires you have and where they are manufactured precisely. Read on!

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Assembly Locations Per Generation

The first-generation Buick Encore started production in 2012 and is currently still exported to the North American market. This generation is assembled in Bupyeong-Gu, Incheon in South Korea by GM Korea, and Yantai, Shandong in China by SAIC-GM. The second generation of the Encore started production in 2019 but only for the non-American markets. This generation is made in Shenyang, Liaoning in China by SAIC-GM.

assembly locations buick encore
1) Bupyeong-Gu, South Korea 2) Yantai, China 3) Shenyang, China


Besides knowing the assembly locations of the Buick Encore, it’s also essential to understand where other parts of the car are made. Let us start by looking at the production locations of the several available engine options for the first generation.

  • 1.4 L A14NET I4 is manufactured in Bupyeong, South-Korea, Flint, Michigan and Vienna, Austria.
  • 1.4 L B14XFT I4 is manufactured in Flint, Michigan and Szentgotthárd, Hungary.
  • 1.6 L A16XER I4 and 1.8 L A18XER I4 are manufactured at Szentgotthárd, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; São José dos Campos, Brazil; Bupyeong, South Korea and Toluca, Mexico.
  • 1.6 L B16DTN I4 and 1.6 L B16DTH I4 are manufactured at Szentgotthárd, Hungary.
  • 1.7 L A17DTS I4 is manufactured at Tychy, in Poland

The second generation makes use of the following engines and the corresponding locations:

  • 1.0 L B10XFT Ecotec I3 is manufactured in Bupyeong, South-Korea, Flint, Michigan and Vienna, Austria.
  • 1.3 L L3T I3 is manufactured in the Toluca plant in Toluca, Mexico.
engine manufacturing locations buick encore
1) Bupyeong, South Korea 2) Flint, Michigan 3) Vienna, Austria 4) Szentgotthárd, Hungary 5) Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil 6) Toluca, Mexico


Now that the engines have been examined, it’s time to move on to one of the other significant components of a car: the transmission. The first generation makes use of the following transmissions.

  • 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual, however it’s unclear where these transmissions have been manufactured and what types they actually are.
  • 6-speed GM 6F35 is manufactured in Sterling Heights, Michigan and Sharonville, Ohio.

The second-generation uses the following transmissions that are manufactured in these locations:

  • GM CVT250 manufactured in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico
  • 6-speed GM 6F35 manufactured in Sterling Heights, Michigan and Sharonville, Ohio.

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transmission manufacturing locations buick encore
1) Sterling Heights, Michigan 2) Sharonville, Ohio 3) Ramos Arizpe, Mexico


Straight from the factory, the second generation of the Buick Encore makes use of Continental ContiPro Contact Tires.

Continental is a German tire manufacturer however, they do have several manufacturing plants in the United States where tires for the Encore are made. These locations are located in:

  • Vernon, Illinois
  • Bryan, Ohio
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Mayfield, Kentucky
  • South Sumter, Carolina

Suppose you want to know exactly where the tires of your Buick Encore are made, then you can look up the DOT code on the side of your tires. This code is not that large, so you’ll have to take a moment to find it. It’s an extended code of letters and numbers that starts with the letters ‘DOT’. DOT stands for Department Of Transportation.

After the DOT letters, you’ll find a combination of three letters, numbers, or a mix. You can search on the internet for the specific three number/letter combination you have to find the exact manufacturer and location where the tires are made.

If you find another code on your tires then it’s very likely these tires have been made outside of the USA. You can search for the specific DOT code on the internet to figure out where the tires are made exactly.

Is The Buik Encore American-Made?

The Buick Encore is partially American-made. Encores sold in the United States are assembled in Bupyeong-Gu, South Korea, and Yantai, Shandong in China. The engines are manufactured in Flint, Michigan, and the transmission is made in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Sharonville, Ohio, or Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.


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