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The Types Of Gas A Buick Enclave Uses (Explained)

The Types Of Gas A Buick Enclave Uses (Explained)

On this blog, we do a lot of research regarding specific questions about different cars. In order to find out the answer, we’ve gone through the owner’s manuals of the American-made Buick Enclave that were produced since 2008. Today we’ll look at the Buick Enclave and answer what kind of gas this car requires. Before we go into details, here’s a quick answer:

Buick Enclave first-generation was built between 2008 – 2017 with a 3.6L V6 engine having the recommendation to use regular unleaded gasoline with a posted octane rating of 87 or higher. The 2018 – present second-generation, 3.6L V6 engine uses gasoline with an octane rating of 87. The Buick Enclave does not require premium gasoline for its V6 engine.

This data is sufficient; however, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Below we go into more detail about the kind of gas or diesel you should use for your specific type of Buick Enclave. We’ll also discuss if different types of gas are better or worse for the durability of your engine and its performance. Finally, we will answer some other questions about the fuel requirements of the Enclave. Read on!

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Infographic explaining the different accepted fuel types for the Buick Enclave,

Fuel Requirements Based On Engine Type

2018 – Present

Buick Enclave models made in this year’s range are the “Second Generation”. With a 3.6L V6 engine, all the model years are designed to use the “regular” unleaded gasoline with an 87 or higher octane rating. Anything below this, and fuel problems such as knocking, rough startups, stalling, etc., can occur and can only be fixed by using the recommended gasoline compatible with this engine.

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2008 – 2017

The model years from 2008 – 2017 are the “First Generation” of Buick Enclave’s lineup. All the models in this range are also a 3.6L V6 engine and hence recommend “regular” unleaded gasoline with a posted octane rating of 87 or higher. For the best performance or trailer towing, you could choose to use middle-grade 89 octane gasoline too.

What Types Of Gasoline Can And Can’t Be Used?

Besides regular/conventional gasoline, there’s a wide variety of gasoline/diesel that’s available on the market today. For many of these, we will look into whether the Buick Enclave can support this kind of gas/diesel or not. Let’s get into it!

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Reformulated Gasoline

Reformulated gasoline is a cleaner and ethanol-based gasoline used primarily to reduce smog-producing toxic pollutants. It burns more pollutant-free than conventional gasoline and is widely used where air pollution needs to be minimized. So if you live in an area with a low air quality index, you can use the RFG to have less of an impact on the environment.

RFG also helps reduce toxic emissions, so if you are worried about passing the emissions test, it’s a good idea to use this type of fuel to make sure that emissions are as clean as possible.

Gasoline/Oxygenated Blends Or E-85

Oxygenated gasoline contains an additive derived from natural gas or grain alcohol that increases the fuel’s oxygen content, causing complete combustion in the engine and reducing emissions of toxic pollutants like carbon monoxide. Many suppliers provide this type of gasoline, popular with the gas blended with ethanol such as E10, E85, etc. It is also known as flex-fuel.

Buick advises against using this type of fuel. It will damage your engine. Any damage done by adding prohibited additives will not be covered in the warranty.

E85 is the blend where there is 85% ethanol mixed with 15% of regular gasoline. Cars that use this mixture usually have lower miles per gallon but reach higher horsepower and torque. Some vehicles in 2022 are allowing up to 25% ethanol, like some BMWs.

This type of fuel is not recommended for the use of Buick Enclave owners as this fuel, pertaining to its high ethanol rating, can cause damage to the fuel injectors of the car, give lower gas mileage and degrade the overall efficiency and running of the vehicle as the Enclave’s engine is not suitable for flex-fuel. Thus do not go for this fuel type.

Only those fuels are allowed that have 15% ethanol content and not more than that. Any volume of more than 15% will do more damage than good.

Gasoline With Added Materials

Some gasoline has added materials to the mixture, called additives, to improve and stabilize the fuel and its output. It also protects the car’s engine from corrosion and ensures optimal fuel economy, improved engine performance, and lower emissions.

For the Buick Enclave, the only gasoline additive that can be used is the “Top-Tier detergent” gasoline. This fuel is completely metallic-free and contains the right amount of additives. If you cannot regularly use the TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline, one bottle of ACDelco Fuel System Treatment PLUS, added to the fuel tank at every engine oil change, can help clean deposits and keep the engine corrosion-free.

Gasoline With MMT

Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) is an octane amplifying additive. The use of MMT is detrimental in some vehicles as the prolonged use of this fuel may cause Mn-sedimentation in the engine, which as a result generates several problems for the engine.

For Buick Enclave, fuels containing metals such as MMT are not recommended for use as they can degrade and damage the control system and reduce the longevity of spark plugs in the engine.


Biodiesel fuel is an alternative to conventional fuel or “Fossil Fuel” and is very similar. It is predominantly derived from plants, animal fats, algae, etc. It is a renewable and clean-burning fuel.

For Buick Enclave, we do not have a single model year that has a diesel engine. Hence it is not designed to support biodiesel fuel.

What If I Hear A Knocking Noise From The Engine After Refilling

The owner’s manual of the Buick Enclave says that if a medium severity of knocking is heard from the engine, then it is most likely because of the use of gasoline having an octane rating less than the recommended 87. If so, immediately change the fuel to the recommended octane number.

If heavy knocking continues, even after replacing it with a fuel appropriate for Buick Enclave, the owner’s manual suggests visiting the dealer and getting the car serviced.

Does the Buick Enclave Have Good Gas Mileage?

2018 – Present

The Buick Enclaves in these model years all have the 3.6 L V6 gasoline engines having a combined MPG of 20 for AWD (all-wheel drive) and a combined MPG of 21 for FWD (four-wheel drive).

EngineLowest Combined MPGHighest Combined MPG
3.6L AWD1725
3.6L FWD1826

2008 – 2017

The Buick Enclaves from these model years all have the 3.6 L V6 gasoline engines. The model years from 2008-2015 AWD (all-wheel drive) have a combined MPG of 18, whereas 2016-2017 AWD have a combined MPG of 17. For 2008-2015 FWD (four-wheel drive), the combined MPG is 17, and for 2016-2017 FWD, the combined MPG is 18.

EngineLowest Combined MPGHighest Combined MPG
3.6L AWD1822
3.6L FWD1924

What’s The Gas Tank Size Of A Buick Enclave?

The 2018-2021 FWD (four-wheel drive) Buick Enclave has a standard tank size of 74.4 liters or 19.4 gallons, and for AWD (all-wheel drive), the typical tank size is 82.1 liters or 21.7 gallons.

2008-2017 Buick Enclave has a tank size of 83.3 liters or 22 gallons which is the same for both four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

How Much Does It Cost To Fill Up A Buick Enclave

On average, it will cost 54.61$ – 91.39 $ to fill up a 2018 – 2021 Buick Enclave FWD. Whereas, for the same model year AWD, it will cost an average of 61.08$ – 95.39$ to fill up the tank. Similarly, filling up 2008 – 2017 for both FWD and AWD will cost an average of 61.93$ – 96.71$.

Filling up the Buick Enclave is the cheapest in Mississippi as it will cost you 2.815$ per gallon, and California is the most expensive with 4.369$ per gallon.


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