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Mazda 6 Transmissions: Overview, Problems, Fluids

Mazda 6 Transmissions: Overview, Problems, Fluids

The Mazda 6 is stylish and sporty, along with being overall an enjoyable car to drive. In addition, it is agile and capable in the corners, along with composed suspension and sharp steering. More interestingly, the ride is controlled and pliant, adequately absorbing bumps. On a similar note, we are discussing today several transmissions that were used throughout its three generations. For this reason, we have carried out extensive research. So, let’s get down to business.

From 2002 to 2008, Mazda 6 had a 4-,5-, or 6-speed automatic and a 5- or 6-speed manual transmission. The second generation has a 5- or 6-speed manual and automatic transmission. Meanwhile, the third generation has a Skyactiv-Drive automatic and Skyactiv-MT manual transmission.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to confess that what we described above is not enough to understand transmissions that went inside Mazda 6. It only provides you with a compact overview to simplify the matter. We are set to find out different models of transmissions that go inside it throughout its three generations. Moreover, we unveil how long they last and the cost to replace them. Ultimately, we move on to find out the problems that commonly pop up during the lifetime of those transmissions. So, here we begin.

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What Transmissions Has The Mazda 6 Used?

The Mazda 6 has used 4, 5, and 6-speed transmissions. We described below what kind of transmissions were installed within each generation.

First Generation (2002 – 2008)

  • 4-speed 4F27E automatic
  • 5-speed JF506E automatic
  • 5-speed FS5A-EL automatic
  • 5-speed G35M-R manual
  • 5-speed A65M-R manual
  • 6-speed AWTF-80 SC automatic
  • 6-speed G66M-R manual

Second Generation (2007 – 2012)

  • 5-speed manual
  • 5-speed FS5A-EL automatic
  • 6-speed G36M-R manual
  • 6-speed AWTF-80 SC automatic

Third Generation (2012 – Present)

  • 6-speed Skyactiv-Drive automatic
  • 6-speed Skyactiv-MT manual

How Long Does A Mazda 6 Transmission Last?

How many miles the transmission of a Mazda 6 can last is dependent on the type of transmission that installs in your car. On average, the transmission of a Mazda 6 lasts for 200,000 – 230,000 miles, given that you ensure proper maintenance and care. At the same time, you must check transmission fluid levels regularly to keep everything running effectively.

How Much Does A Mazda 6 Transmission Cost?

It is essential to find out the costs of several transmissions when one wants to replace them. Hence, we have defined them below that are used in the production span of the Mazda 6. The costs noted down below are extracted from online retailers.

  • 4-speed 4F27E automatic: $1,375.00 (eBay)
  • 5-speed JF506E automatic: $2,770.00 (GoPowerTrain)
  • 5-speed FS5A-EL automatic: $2,318.00 (GoPowerTrain)
  • 5-speed G35M-R manual: $276,40 (eBay)
  • 5-speed A65M-R manual: $188.00 (ProxyParts)
  • 6-speed AWTF-80 SC automatic: $2,195 (SPPrecision)
  • 6-speed G66M-R manual: $2,317,99 (GoPowerTrain)
  • 6-speed G36M-R manual: $899.00 (eBay)

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Common Mazda 6 Transmission Problems

Here we define some of the common problems that transmissions of Mazda 6 turn up during their lifetime.

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  • Drivers of Mazda 6 with 4F27E transmission often complain of severe slipping and no reverse.
  • Besides that, there is a noticeable delay concerning forward gear engagement when you place the shifter in the drive.
  • Also, it tends to premature forward clutch failure.


  • The common problem is an inoperable reverse or fourth gear. It often happens because of design flaws in the reverse boost valve, stripped splines, and channel plate on the 4th gear clutch hub shaft.
  • Apart from the given issue, an additional problem is overheating. It occurs when the moving parts inside the transmission produce more friction heat than the ATF (automatic transmission fluid) can remove.


  • Drivers of Mazda 6 with FS5A-EL transmission confront fluid-related problems as an indication of some trouble. One can trace a transmission fluid leak for various reasons. It includes a defective pan gasket, loosening of the filler tube, broken seal, and poor installation.
  • Another issue that the given transmission reflects is overheating.


  • Sometimes, it triggers transmission to jump out of gear into neutral.
  • The drivers sometimes also hear odd sounds, such as whirring, squealing, and bumping.
  • In some cases, drivers of Mazda 6 with G35M-R transmission go through transmission oil leaking.


  • It is likely to experience a dragging clutch. When you press the clutch pedal, the clutch disk does not detach the flywheel. It is what we call the clutch that is dragging.
  • It makes, sometimes, a great deal of noise even when the car goes neutral.


  • In some cases, cars with AWTF-80 SC transmission slip out of gear.
  • It also unleashes a burning smell to signal some issue with the transmission.
  • In the interim, it causes a leak problem. It indicates when you go low on transmission fluid.


  • Drivers of Mazda 6 with G66M-R transmission complain of a car getting stuck in one gear.
  • They also confront difficulty shifting gears.
  • On rare occasions, it makes odd noises, such as whirring and thumping.


  • It starts making grinding sounds when the transmission shifts.
  • Sometimes, it does not get into gear.
  • An additional issue is the delays in the movement. It is indicative of the transmission no longer shifting smoothly.

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Differences Between Transmissions

The 4F27E is a 4-speed automatic transmission, and it has a four-element torque converter. Moreover, its hydraulic control system has six electronically controlled solenoids for shift feel, shift scheduling, and torque converter clutch application. It is installed in the first generation of Mazda 6. Furthermore, it is designed to handle a maximum torque of 270 Lb-ft.

The JF506E is a 5-speed automatic transmission, and it is the same transmission installed in various cars. It includes Jaguar, Land Rover, Rover, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Volkswagen. Nevertheless, it installs in the first generation of Mazda 6.

The FS5A-EL is a 5-speed automatic transmission that changes forward gears without the intervention of driver input. It is installed in the first and second generations of Mazda 6.

The G35M-R is a 5-speed manual transmission, and it installs only in the first generation of Mazda 6. However, it requires the driver input to change forward gears.

The A65M-R is a 5-speed manual transmission, and it also installs only in the first generation. Likewise, it needs the driver input to change forward gears.

The AWTF-80 SC is a 6-speed automatic transmission. It is incredibly light and compact. The sophisticated computer program manages the shifting of gears that oversees a clutch-to-clutch actuation. It was installed in the first and second generations. Apart from that, it is designed to handle a maximum torque of 324.5 Lb-ft.

The G66M-R manual is a 6-speed manual transmission, and it changes forward gear with the need for driver input. It is installed in the first generation of Mazda 6.

The G36M-R manual is a 6-speed manual transmission. It also requires the driver input to change forward gears. However, it was installed in the first and second generations of Mazda 6.

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Transmission Fluids And The Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 lasts long and functions smoothly, provided that you ensure good care of your car. Notwithstanding, several car manufacturers recommend changing transmission fluid every 45,000 miles. However, it is essential to note that separate transmissions need different types of transmission fluid. Here we offer you an overview of transmission fluids that go well with various transmissions of Mazda 6.

  • 4F27E, JF506E, FS5A-EL, AWTF-80 SC: Dexron VI
  • G35M-R, A65M-R, G66M-R, G36M-R: RedLine Automatic Transmission Fluid

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