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Jeep Compass Transmission: Overview, Problems, Fluids

Jeep Compass Transmission: Overview, Problems, Fluids

When we talk about off-road vehicles, it is nearly impossible not to consider Jeep cars. Jeep Compass is one of the most amazing crossover SUVs in the off-road vehicle category. In this article, we will talk about the significant changes the transmission of Jeep Compass underwent, the problems users have reported in these transmissions and their optimum transmission fluid.

The first generation of Jeep Compass uses both manual and automatic transmissions. It has a 6-speed manual (Aisin BG6), 6-speed Automatic (6F24), and CVT (Jatco JF011E) transmissions. The second generation has a 6-speed manual (FPT C635), 6-speed automatic (Aisin AW60T), 7-speed (FPT C725) DCT, and 9-speed (ZF 948TE) automatic transmission.

Since Jeep Compass is a relatively new vehicle, it only has two generations with limited models of transmissions. In this article, we have enlisted all major transmission models that the Jeep Compass uses, their longevity, cost, optimum ATF, and the problems users have reported. If you have a keen interest in this vehicle, then this article will indeed prove to be quite helpful for you.

What Transmission Has the Jeep Compass Used?

First Generation (2007-16)

  • 6-speed Aisin BG6 manual
  • 6-speed Hyundai 6F24 automatic
  • CVT Jatco JF011E automatic

Second Generation (2017-Present)

  • 6-speed FPT C635 manual
  • 6-speed Aisin AW60T automatic
  • 7-speed FPT C725 dual-clutch automatic
  • 9-speed ZF 948TE automatic

How Long Does a Jeep Compass Transmission Last?

The transmission in a Jeep Compass can last well over 100k miles. As long as the transmission is maintained correctly, it can hit the 200k mileage mark. This means that your Jeep Compass will be with you for 10-15 years, considering its transmission doesn’t give in before that.

Jeep Compass is a reliable car; however, if it is not maintained correctly, its transmission can create all sorts of problems for you. Regular transmission service, including transmission flush, oil change, and ATF fluid change, are some of the things you should keep in mind while maintaining your Jeep Compass.

How Much Does a Jeep Compass Transmission Cost?

Jeep Compass has seen several different transmission models across its generations. The price of these transmissions varies accordingly. We see several other models across these two generations, and it can be challenging to find the replacement cost of the transmission that your particular models use. However, the following table will solve this problem for you. After going through the websites of several online retailers, here are the prices* of the Jeep Compass transmission we found.

CVT Jatco JF011E automatic$2705
6-speed Aisin AW60T automatic$3367
7-speed FPT C725 dual-clutch automatic$3650

Common Transmission Problems

1st Generation Transmission Problems

The 2007 model of Jeep Compass had the most transmission problems. Here are a few transmission problems that users of the first-generation Jeep Compass have reported.

  • TIPM Failure. The Totally Integrated Power Module Failure of the 2007 Jeep Compass caused Jeep all sorts of problems. This problem manifests itself as a total or partial failure of power door locks, wipers, fuel pumps, and transmission sensors.
  • The 2011 Jeep Compass had problems related to its CVT. The continuously variable transmission was overheating, compromising the functioning of the drive train. This also resulted in several other transmission issues such as abrupt gear shifting, gear delays, and burning smell from the engine. One of the most dangerous consequences of this problem was the Jeep Compass losing acceleration unexpectedly, increasing the probability of accidents.
  • Transmission making a whining sound when trying to accelerate. Plus, the car won’t shift gears properly. This is due to a faulty transmission and the optimum solution for this problem is a transmission change.
  • Jeep Compass losing power and stopping between 55-65 mph. The car becomes inoperable and has to be towed. The problem was diagnosed as transmission failure and transmission replacement is the only possible solution.
  • 2009 Jeep Compass starts to jerk vigorously. When this happens, the Check Engine warning indicator also illuminates. The cause behind this problem is again a transmission failure. Before opting for a transmission replacement, it is better to check the transmission fluid level. This problem might also be caused due to a low level of transmission fluid.

2nd Generation Transmission Problems

The transmissions used in the second generation of Jeep Compass had fewer problems as compared to its predecessor.

  • 2017 Jeep Compass failed to accelerate during driving. This was soon followed by a complete transmission failure. This problem can be rectified via a transmission replacement.
  • Random and abrupt downshifting coupled with a loud clunking noise. This is normally due to low levels of transmission fluid in Jeep Compass. Use the optimum ATF in the right proportion to get rid of this problem.
  • Several shifting problems including shifting delays, abrupt shifting, and loud clunking noise while changing gear.
  • 2019 Jeep Compass users have reported that their vehicle’s dashboard alerts them to shift the gear into Park, in the middle of the road. This is accompanied by the car losing acceleration. The most likely underlying cause behind this is a transmission problem. Visit your local car dealership to pinpoint the true problem.

Difference between Jeep Compass Transmissions

Here is a table that enlists the significant differences between the main transmissions used across different generations of a Jeep Compass.

ModelDrive-trainMaximum Engine TorqueGross Vehicle Weight
·        6-speed Aisin BG6 manualAWD350 Nm2100 kg
·        6-speed Hyundai 6F24 automaticFWD224 Nm2060 kg
·        CVT Jatco JF011E automaticFWD270 Nm2100kg
·        7-speed FPT C725 dual-clutch automaticFWD250 Nm2040 kg
·        9-speed ZF 948TE automatic  AWD380 Nm2150 kg

Transmission Fluids and The Jeep Compass

To maintain the longevity of your transmission, it is of utmost importance that you use the best type of transmission fluid. The 2010 model of Jeep Compass uses the Full Synthetic Dexron VI ATF.

The latest generation of Jeep Compass also uses the same ATF. However, you could also use the Valvoline ATF+4 Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. The 948TE transmission used in the 2020 model of Jeep Compass uses Mopar ZF 8 & 9 Speed ATF.

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