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How Many Miles Can An Acura TL Last? (Answered)

How many miles can an Acura TL last? When you’re in the market for a new or second-hand TL, that’s, of course, a very reasonable question to ask. After all, you’re probably looking to get the most bang for your buck. In this blog, we’ll look at this question in great detail but first, let’s start with a quick answer:

On average, an Acura TL lasts between 240.000 – 270.000 miles. A TL needs to go to the garage for unscheduled repairs about 0.36 times per year, with a 9% chance of severe problems. Furthermore, TL owners spend an average of $467 per year on repair costs.

Having said that, we’re certainly not done. Below we’ll first explain in more detail how many miles a TL can last. After that, we’ll also show you how much a TL costs per year and which production years are most and least expensive. Furthermore, we also discuss the common problems that the car can have. Read on!

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How Many Miles Can An Acura TL Last?

To answer this question, we went through an odious amount of work to look at all the Acura TLs listed for sale in the US. And we carried out this research on various other platforms, and after all that work, we analyzed all the data and have given our conclusion at the end of this article.

Our analysis is based on facts, not computer-generated estimates. After we compiled all the data, the highest miles that the Acura TL can last were 330k miles. This is the number after which the Acura TL would start giving up and want to go to heaven, and if you are in the market to buy it used, you should definitely stay away from those close to this number.

Amount Of MilesPercentage Of Cars
Cars With 150.000+29.99%
Cars With 100.000 – 149.00037.29%
Cars With 45.000 – 99.99929.65%
Cars With 0 – 44.9993.07%

We have also calculated the percentage of Acura TL crossing the 150k mile mark; it will give us an insight into how likely they will cross this mileage. If we get a value of 3% or above, it would suggest that these Acura TLs are reliable, and if the value is below 3%, then it would suggest that they aren’t that reliable.

The number came out to be astonishing, through the roof! 29.99%, which is huge. Now the Acura TL is an old model for sure, and it’s common to see a high number when it has been decades since it has been produced, but this number is way higher than any other old car in the market. And on top of that, there aren’t many of them below the 45k mile range.

All this data suggests that the Acura TL is probably one of the most reliable vehicles on the planet. A little correction, it WAS the most reliable and would have been the most reliable, but unfortunately, it has been discontinued. Good things never last (sigh), and there haven’t been any other TL models after 2014.

But then something good happened, the Acura TL was revived in 2015 with the name Acura TLX. We don’t have much data for the TLX, but we hope it remains true to its predecessor.

The TLs are still going strong, and they are putting on numbers that are even making the Corolla shy. So if you are looking for an Acura TL in the used market, make sure that it has a clean title, low miles, and is well-maintained. Oh, wait a minute, not so fast. We have many more tests on our list to make 100% sure that a TL is the way to go.

So, after all the data scrutinizing, let’s get to the next test on our list, shall we!

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How Reliable Is Acura TL Compared To Its Competitors?

The first thing that will decide whether or not it’s truly reliable is where it stands among the competitors. The competition will give us a broader picture of what we should expect from a vehicle like the Acura TL and what numbers are actually good in terms of reliability.

ModelSample SizeCars With 150.000+ Miles% Percentage Of Cars With 150.000+Highest Mileage
Acura TL87726329.99%330000
BMW 3 Series103984534.36%250000
Mazda 629151896.48%290000
Lexus LS145220013.77%350000
Infiniti G353319428.40%250000
Mercedes-Benz C-Class97631591.63%150000
Audi A439631152.90%250000
Acura TLX3782401.06%140000

So, after all the work, it has come to light that NO ONE comes close to the Acura TL when we talk about the numbers, except for the Infiniti G35 that beats the Acura TL in terms of the highest percentage crossing 150k in general. On the other hand, it’s not like the Acura TL hasn’t had a single unit going above the LS. It’s just the average that makes it lower than the LS.

How Reliable Is An Acura TL Compared To Other Acuras?

Knowing how the Acura TL performs among its own brethren is valuable, so we have done exactly that. We have made the comparison of the Acura TL with its own batch mates.

This data is going to give an idea of how reliable Acuras are in general. On top of that, we will find out how reliable Acura TL is against other Acuras.

ModelSample SizeCars With 150.000+ Miles% Percentage Of Cars With 150.000+Highest Mileage
Acura TL87726329.99%310000
Acura TLX3782401.06%140000
Acura MDX50673687.26%280000
Acura RDX40891072.62%235,000

This data suggests that all Acuras are reliable, and the TL is reliable indeed. You might be thinking that wait a minute; the Acura TLX has a much lower percentage. It’s because they haven’t been around for a very long time; they are relatively new, so that’s why not many of them have been able to cross high mileages in high numbers.

How Much Does Maintenance Cost Per Year?

The most important factor you should keep in mind on top of the buying cost is maintenance. Compared to the TLs competition, this annual maintenance is excellent. Good means that the cost is low, which is again a plus point for the Acura TL.

Model YearAnnual Maintenance Cost

On average, you would be spending $467 per year to keep your TL healthy and running. This price point is excellent. We have seen some of the competitors going way over $500. So it turns out that the TL has won even in the battle of maintenance cost.

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Acura TL Common Problems

There have been many “Yays” for the TL, so now we look into the “Nays” of the TL to make sure that you get the best deal. You need to know the common problems that the TLs have, and when you are well-rehearsed with these problems, you can find better ones that do not have these problems.

NOTE: Before buying a used car, I always like to make sure the car isn’t having any problems that I should be aware of. The easiest way to do this is by buying an OBD2 scanner. These scanners can easily be plugged into any car you’re interested in, and they’ll give you a rundown of potential problems.

Personally, I like this one on Amazon because it has a lot more functions than basic OBD2 scanners. This particular one also runs tests on your emission system and tests if you’re fuel mix is optimal (or if your engine is misfiring), so you have a complete understanding of how the car’s performing.

Flashing D4 and Check Engine Lights

One of the most common problems in Acura TL is the flashing of the D4 light and check engine light. If rough shifting occurs, then the most probable culprit is the failure of mechanical transmission. If the transmission is normal, the next probable cause might be a faulty sensor or dirty transmission fluid.

A used transmission for the replacement will range from $800 to $1500, while a new transmission will cost anywhere from $1300 to $3400

Automatic Transmission Failure

Premature automatic transmission failure is another one of the most common problems in Acura TL. The problem was so common that the manufacturer extended the warranty on the transmission, so be sure to check if the transmission has been changed. It’s best if it has already been changed.

As for the replacement of an automatic transmission can cost anywhere between $1800 and $3400, depending on whether you are looking for a used or a new one. Ensure to have the transmission of the models above 2008 because otherwise, you would end up with a faulty transmission again if you are looking for a used one.

Erratic Engine Idle Speed and Stalling Engine

An issue in the idle air control system might cause Erratic idle in Acura TL, resulting in poor fuel mileage, illumination of check engine light with the ODB trouble code of P0505. In some cases, Engine stalling is also a possibility.

As for the idle air control system issue, the cause might be the failure of IACV. Vacuum lines, intake manifold gasket, throttle body gasket, and IACV all of these parts should be inspected to pinpoint the actual cause of the problem. On average, the replacement cost for IACV is around $329.

Squeaking Front Door Glass

The squeaking front door glass can be taken care of with the replacement of the glass door seal. Although this is one of the most common problems Acura TL owners face, it can easily be dealt with. You can get a new one in the range of $25 to $59.

Is Acura TL A Smart Buy?

After considering all of the data analysis and the facts, it’s clear that the Acura TL is, in fact, a reliable vehicle. And on top of that, they are going for very cheap in the used market. Make sure that you go for a clean title, low miles, and well-maintained one. Check the service history as well.

If you are buying it from a private owner, you should pay attention to how it looks. If the owner can’t keep their car clean, they can’t keep it maintained. If you are looking for pre-2008 models, then make sure that they have had a transmission replacement, which came after 2008.

When you have bought your Acura TL, make sure to keep it maintained. We have put down the maintenance schedule that will keep your Acura TL running.

Acura TL Maintenance Schedule

If you want to keep your Acura TL healthy for a longer period of time, then you must have it regularly maintained. If your Acura TL is regularly maintained, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot on expensive repairs, and your precious Acura will go a long way before finally going to heaven.

Many manufacturers give the figure 10,000 miles for an oil change that is too far-fetched to give a low overall maintenance cost, but you should have the engine oil changed at not more than 7000 miles. Earlier is better.

Before/On Every 10,000 Miles

  • Before every 10k miles, you have to change the engine oil, preferably, before 7k miles to have the best possible performance and reliability.
  • Brake inspections
  • Tire pressure check
  • Diagnosis for any check engine lights
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Check for any oil leaks

Before/On Every 20,000 Miles

  • Power steering check
  • Exhaust system check
  • Transmission fluid level check
  • Fuel lines inspection to make sure that there is no leakage

Before/On Every 40,000 Miles

  • Change fuel filter
  • Flush and change hydraulic fluid
  • Service fuel injectors
  • Inspect the valve cover gasket, and replace it if necessary.
  • Inspect the timing chain whether it’s in sync or not.

Note: If you regularly add extremely high-quality cans of petroleum in your gas tank, you can save some bucks on servicing internal components as the petroleum would do the cleaning job without needing to open anything. You can look up the term Sea Foam or something similar to any other brand of your choosing, and by adding that in your tank, the internals of your engine will remain happy.

Before/On Every 60,000 Miles

  • Replace the spark plug if the spark is orange
  • Rotate or replace the brake rotors as per requirement
  • Clean the fuel system. But if you regularly use the sea foam, you can save some bucks.
  • You might consider changing the timing chain at this point, as in most cases, by this time, the timing chain starts jumping, and that is not good, you will also hear a lot of rattles from the engine if the timing chain has lost its synchronization and has worn out.

Other Maintenance Tips

  • Normally, the manufacturers suggest changing the engine oil at around 10k miles but that’s too good to be true, it’s better you change the engine oil on/before 7-7.5k miles to make sure that the engine remains healthy for a longer period of time.
  • Another important thing is to use high-quality cans of petroleum regularly in your fuel tank, it will help keep the internals clean and would save you a lot of dollars on expensive service for the engine internals, like the throttle body, EGR, cylinder heads, etc.
  • To keep your Acura TL protected from rust, you have to make sure that it doesn’t retain mud on it for more than 4 days because mud contains moisture, and where there is moisture & iron – there is rust, and you wouldn’t want that, so keep your TL clean.