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How Many Miles Can A Mitsubishi Mirage Last? (+Reliability Scores)

How Many Miles Can A Mitsubishi Mirage Last? (+Reliability Scores)

How many miles can a Mitsubishi Mirage last? When you’re in the market for a new or second-hand Mirage, that’s a very reasonable question to ask. After all, you’re probably looking to get the most bang for your buck. In this blog, we’ll look at this question in great detail but first, let’s start with a quick answer:

On average, a Mitsubishi Mirage lasts between 150.000 – 170.000 miles. A Mirage needs to go to the garage for unscheduled repairs about 0.13 times per year with a 9% chance of severe problems Furthermore, Mitsubishi Mirage owners spend an average of $450 per year on repair costs.

Having said that, we’re certainly not done. Below we’ll explain in more detail how many miles a Mitsubishi Mirage can last. After that, we’ll also show you how much a Mirage costs annually and which production years are the most and least expensive. Furthermore, we also discuss the common problems that the car can have. Read on!

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How Many Miles Can A Mitsubishi Mirage Last?

To know how many miles a Mitsubishi Mirage can last, it’s a must to know how many of them are there who have successfully crossed that 150k mile barrier before dying. In Mirage’s case, not many had the chance to cross that barrier, and 60% of those on sale have less than 45k miles.

Mitsubishi mirage with highest mileage on
When updating this article, this is the Mirage with the highest mileage. In earlier versions of this article, we did find units with higher mileage.

Most cars being sold at a lower mileage could also mean that they might not be good, so let’s dig deep into the reliability ratings and subject them to our rigorous tests to help you make a calculated decision. And for this first test, we have calculated the database of the Autotraders and have made a table where you can see where the Mirage stands.

Amount Of MilesPercentage Of Cars
Cars With 150.000+0.95%
Cars With 100.000 – 149.0006.06%
Cars With 45.000 – 99.99932.76
Cars With 0 – 44.99960.23%

So, is it decided that they aren’t reliable? Yes, almost, but it’s just the first test, and we have many more to make sure it’s trustworthy or not.

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How Reliable Is A Mitsubishi Mirage Compared To Its Competitors?

To better know about the reliability of the Mitsubishi Mirage, we can get a relative scoring,i.e.e, we can compare it with its competitors and see which one has the highest mileage on the clock and what percentage of cars were able to cross the 150k mile barrier.

ModelSample SizeCars With 150.000+ Miles% Percentage Of Cars With 150.000+Highest Mileage
Mitsubishi Mirage52850.95%170.000
Kia Rio1.369412.99%240.000
Chevrolet Sonic1.750623.54%210.000
Nissan Versa2.9061234.42%230.000
Hyundai Accent1.892784.12%230.000
Volkswagen Beetle  1.287705.43%220.000
Mazda 34.5282756.07%240.000
Toyota Corolla Hatchback (2017 onwards)1.10450.45%160.000
Hyundai Veloster1.521291.91%180.000

The Mirage has indeed crossed the 150K mile mark, but the competitors have also crossed that mark and achieved a much higher rating. However, it could be that it’s just a matter of time before the Mirage will also cross that 200k. The next valuable question is knowing how the Mirage is doing compared to other Mitsubishis.

How Reliable Is A Mitsubishi Mirage Compared To Other Mitsubishis?

When we compare the Mirage with its brethren, we see that the Mitsubishis are crossing the 150k mile in huge numbers, which is astonishing. It shows that their vehicles are consistent, and most pose no major problem, given that proper maintenance has been done.

The result of the Mistubishi Mirage is disappointing; even the oldest of the Mirages on sale have meager miles on them; why weren’t they able to attain a higher number? Do they have some problems? To answer these questions, we have made a list of the common issues (more on that later).

When the Mitsubishis are crossing that 150k mile, it’s obvious that their other lineups will also be following in their predecessor’s footsteps. The future is promising.

ModelSample SizeCars With 150.000+ Miles% Percentage Of Cars With 150.000+Highest Mileage
Mitsubishi Eclipse1763519.89%260.000
Mitsubishi Mirage1.52460.39%175.000
Mitsubishi Outlander3.276531.62%250.000
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution12043.33%160.000
Mitsubishi Galant973435.05%220.000
Mitsubishi 3000GT292417.24%230.000

How Much Does Maintenance Cost Per Year?

Besides knowing how many miles the Mitsubishi Mirage can last, we have to know how much it’s going to cost you later on. So we have compiled the data from repair pal for you to know how much maintenance cost would it require annually. A car is unreliable, even if it has 500k miles on it if it costs a fortune to repair and maintain.

With all the problems it causes, the average maintenance cost quoted by Mitsubishi looks like a puny little joke. It’s about $450, but when you include all those repairs and breakdowns, you will probably spend $1000+ on repairs and maintenance annually. You can easily maintain an SUV for less than $1000 per year.

Model YearAnnual Maintenance Cost
2015 (considered the worst year)$442

The newer models, from 2018 onwards, have received excellent reviews, surprisingly. If you can find one with the warranty still intact and one of the latest models, you should get one as they are cheaper than most competitors and offer an excellent mileage. Most of the previous faults have already been dealt with in the latest models.

Because most of the recent models are under warranty, we don’t have enough reliable data. But from the reviews, it appears that we finally have something reliable. However, the brake problem persists in the Mirage, just like in previous models.

Owners’ Reviews Of The Mirage’s Reliability

Besides knowing all the data, it’s, of course, also essential to see how owners experience the Mirage. For this, we went to Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, and All three platforms have gathered hundreds of reviews from actual car owners. We summarized our findings in the image below.

reliability rating of owners of the mitsubishi mirage on kelley blue book, edmuds and

We found on these websites that owners are typically positive about the reliability of the Mirage. The Mirage is considered to be a fuel-efficient car that gets the job done on shorter distances. One thing that is widely complained about is the amount of road noise that can be heard in the vehicle. However, reliability issues were luckily not mentioned.

Although I do understand that owning little cars isn’t for everybody, I LOVE my little car. It’s full of character and is perfectly capable of handling everything that I have thrown at it. (…) If you understand the limits of the car and don’t drive it like something that it’s not, it’s absolutely great.


Mitsubishi Mirage Common Problems

Below, we´ve outlined the common problems of a Mirage. If you want to take a deep-dive into the problems of this car, check out this article were we discuss the common problems of a Mirage.

NOTE: Before buying a used car, I always like to make sure the vehicle isn´t having any problems that you should be aware of. The easiest way to do this is by buying an OBD2 scanner. These scanners can easily be plugged into any car you’re interested in, and they’ll give you a rundown of potential problems.

Front Brake Wear Issue

When you push the brake padel, you will experience some vibration as it pulsates instead of smoothly braking to a stop. This is a common problem due to the poor quality of brake pads and rotors used. You can have them replaced with better quality after-market ones. The OEM is not up to the mark and will disappoint you.

The brake pads will cost you around $260 to replace, and while you are getting your pads replaced, it’s better to have the rotors replaced as well.

Won’t Start

The internal distributor failure is the most common cause of a not starting condition. After replacing this distributor, you can solve this problem, but diagnosing a distributor failure is essential. The diagnosis will cost you about $120, so make sure to have it checked.

Airbags Might Not Deploy

There have been many reports of the airbags not being deployed during a frontal impact. The culprit seems to be a short circuit in the wiring harness of the airbag assembly. Most of the time, the airbag warning light wouldn’t even come on when having this issue, so ensure that you have it checked regularly during regular maintenance.

CVT Transmission Problem

Mirages are known to have a problem with their automatic transmission, and it’s prominent in the earlier models. Make sure that if you are looking for a Mitsubishi Mirage, check the automatic transmission thoroughly. CVTs are meant to be smooth, and the gear shifts are only distinguishable by looking at the rpm needle.

If you are experiencing jerks while the gear shifts, then there might be a big issue. Make sure to check the history of the vehicle. In some cases, it might just be a faulty sensor, or it just needs transmission fluid replacement. Before buying a Mirage, you must first make sure which one it is. A transmission replacement can cost up to $3000, while a sensor is about $50.

Manual Transmission Shifting Difficulty

It was a common problem in the models before the 2000s. If the gear shifts are hard, it might be a binding problem between the synchronizer and the gear surface. It would only need a friction modifier fluid mixed with the transmission fluid, and you will be good to go. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on repairing the transmission. 

Automatic Seatbelts Issue

This is again a common issue that occurs in the earlier models and is related to the tightness and looseness of a seatbelt; the power seatbelts wouldn’t want to work in the way they are supposed to, so you have to make a proper diagnosis to ensure that correct repairs would be done.

Is a Mitsubishi Mirage A Smart Buy?

According to word of mouth, the Mirage is doing pretty well, it seems, and isn’t posing any problems lately. After going through some forums, we have seen that it has received quite an applause from the owners for the recent models, and most importantly, it is very fuel-efficient.

The reliability ratings for the earlier models are terrible, so bad that you shouldn’t even be looking at them. The newer models, though, are promising and would go well in future years. If we talk about the depreciation of Mirage, then that’s where it will lose the battle with most of the competitors. The value comes out to be close to 60% after five years.

This 59% depreciation value is a nightmare for those who bought it new, but it’s suitable for those looking for these in the aftermarket because you can get one for much cheaper.

It’s not very comfortable, and the ride is bumpy; it’s no sports car either, the highway rides will be full of road noise, and it would only be suitable for the city commute. So, if you are looking for something cheap, easy to maneuver, and with good fuel economy, then Mirage it is.

Mitsubishi Mirage Maintenance Schedule

Knowing the maintenance schedule is essential to ensure that your Mirage lives a good long life and would go to heaven sooner than expected. On-time maintenance can save you plenty of bucks on repairs.

Before/On Every 7,000 Miles

  • Change the engine oil
  • Change the oil filter

Before/On Every 15,000 Miles

  • Inspects the brake rotors
  • Inspect the brake pads
  • Check for any leaks

Before/On Every 20,000 Miles

  • Check the fuel hoses
  • Replace the air cleaner filter
  • Relevel the rear axle oil
  • Check the transfer oil level
  • Check the brake hoses for any leaks
  • Inspect the coolant hoses for any leaks
  • Check the exhaust system
  • Inspect the suspension components for any damage
  • Check for any clogs or leaks in the PCV system and the EGR valve

Before/On Every 40,000 Miles

  • Check the transmission fluid level
  • Check the drive belt condition
  • Inspect the rear brakes and the rear wheel
  • Inspect the ball joints for any damage
  • Check for any oil leaks
  • Check the electronics for any short circuits

Before/On Every 60,000 Miles

  • Inspect the spark plugs and replace them if necessary
  • Inspect the ignition coils and replace them if necessary
  • Inspect the fuel injectors and replace them if necessary
  • Inspect the fuel line for any leak
  • Check the fuel pump
  • Have a complete engine diagnosis to check for any misfiring cylinder
  • Inspect the wiring harness of the ignition system

Other Maintenance Tips

Usually, the manufacturers suggest changing the engine oil at around 10k miles, but that’s too good to be true; you should change the engine oil on/before 7-7.5k miles to ensure that the engine remains healthy for a more extended period.

Another important thing is to use high-quality can of petroleum in your fuel tank regularly; it will help keep the internals clean and save you a lot of dollars on expensive service for the engine internals, like the throttle body, EGR cylinder heads, etc.

To keep your Mirage protected from rust, you have to make sure that it doesn’t retain mud on it for more than four days because mud contains moisture, and when moisture is there with iron, you make rust, and you wouldn’t want that, so keep your Mirage clean, it will keep it rust-free.


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