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7 BMW 330e Problems And Its Underlying Causes

7 BMW 330e Problems And Its Underlying Causes

What kind of problems does a BMW 330e normally have? In this blog, we’ve outlined all the most important things you should watch for when you’re in the market for a 330e. However, let’s first start with a quick answer:

Most commonly, the BMW 330e has several problems with the battery pack, which can cause it not to charge and/or not start properly. Furthermore, the car can develop problems with the drivetrain, which can cause it to make a growling noise. Finally, the door trimming can rub on the door, and the car can lose a lot of range in full electric mode.

However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. In the rest of the article, we’ll discuss every single problem in detail. Furthermore, we’ll tell you how to identify it, fix it and how much it costs to fix. Read on!

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We Use Real World Vehicle Data To Create This List Of Problems

Before we dive into the most common problems, let’s quickly explain how we created this list.

This data comes from vehicle owners like you. It’s based on real data from real drivers. No guesswork or hypotheticals here.

We use resources like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and many others, to review the most common complaints issues by owners along with the full history of recalls and active investigations.

From there, our team of automotive experts takes a closer look into each problem and breaks down why it happens, what you can do to prevent it, and how to fix it.

We review the data and interpret the results to make your life easier. Now that you understand how we came up with this list, let’s get into it!

1. The Car Won’t Start  

A common issue faced by BMW 330e owners is its ignition problem. While there are various causes for this problem, including a faulty start button and a flat battery. The other reasons for this problem can be –

  • Worn out spark plugs
  • Damaged relays or fuses
  • Defective ignition coil
  • Bad alternator
  • Empty gas tank
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Fault in the electrical system
  • Faulty engine temperature or PCM coolant sensor

Out of all these reasons, the two most common reasons causing the starting problem in the BMW 330e are a weak battery or a broken starter motor.

Weak Battery

A battery is one of the most common reasons why the BMW 330e might not start. A discharged or flat battery in the car would lack sufficient power to start the vehicle. In this case, you would need to jump-start the car or call someone from the service center.

Avoid using the air conditioning system, infotainment system, and headlights without starting the engine to dodge this problem as this would cause the battery to drain quickly, resulting in the starting problem.

Another cause for the starting problem in your BMW 330e could be an old battery. Such a battery would have lost its ability to store enough charge for long durations. The battery in the BMW 330e has an average working lifespan of three to five years. Make sure to replace the battery on time to avoid ignition problems in the BMW 330e.

Occasionally check the battery terminals for any corrosion as this would obstruct the battery from getting a charge. The corrosion at the point of contact of the battery reduces current flow in and out of the battery. This ultimately hampers the working of the starter motor.

Suppose you need a battery replacement for your BMW 330e. Then, a new battery pack for the BMW 330e might cost you anywhere around $4500 in the United States.

Broken Starter Motor

The starter motor starts the engine of your BMW 330e. Since the starter has a limited life of about 100,000 to 150,000 miles, it can break down during prolonged use, and a broken starter motor will cause the engine starting problem.

An easy way to detect a broken starter motor in your 330e is when you notice a clicking sound while starting the engine. Additionally, if the starter is not working with a healthy battery, suspect a breakdown of the starter motor.

However, you can try rotating the starter manually in case there is any stuck gear or component. If the problem persists, you would have to go to your nearest service station. Repairing the starter of your BMW 330e can cost you around $400, depending on the issue. Otherwise, a new starter would cost you anywhere between $750 to $1000.

2. BMW 330e Not Charging Properly

A frequent problem that comes with the BMW 330e is the charging problem. The car is either not able to take complete charge, or it is not charging at all. In either case, whether you are charging the 330e at home or elsewhere, there are many points to check, including – charging equipment, power source, and the car itself.

If you are using a portable car charger for home charging, make sure it must be plugged directly into the power source. With this, the LED indicator should glow green, indicating a reasonable charge. If the LED indicator lights red, then there is a problem with charging.

Another way to detect the charging problem is to look for a warning message within your BMW 330e. Equipped with the ‘Energy Management system, the BMW 330e will alert you if it faces any issue with charging.

This system of the car will thoroughly check if the power supply is appropriate for the vehicle. You should also ensure that your power source is compatible with the BMW 330e. You can refer to the car manual or speak with a local dealer if you are unsure.

Suppose your BMW 330e is not able to charge in any way. Then visit a local dealer or service center. For this charging problem, it is recommended to consult specialists with the right set of diagnostic equipment. Since it concerns the performance and life of your BMW 330e, an expert would be the right person to assist you better with this problem.

Moreover, there might have been some short circuits within the system in rare cases that led to this charging problem. Thus, a quick inspection by the expert will help diagnose this problem. As an owner, always check the voltage and phase of the power source, besides looking for any warning messages inside the car.

Other Causes

The issue with the charging can also be due to a problem with the battery pack. The modules got separated, resulting in the electric system failing and giving no ability to transfer power to the drive train. In this case, you would have to go to the nearest service station to get this fixed.

In the worst case, they might recommend you change your battery pack costing anywhere around 4500 US dollars. But if there’s no damage to the battery pack, they would reconnect the modules to transfer the power back to the drive train.

3. Drive Train Problem

The drivetrain in the BMW 330e transmits power from the engine to the wheels, just like any other car. It is an intricate system consisting of moving parts and everything after the engine transmission, namely axles and driveshafts. Joints, differentials, and wheels.

Suppose you hear any growling noise toward the back of your 330e. Then chances are your BMW 330e has a problem with the drivetrain. Moreover, your BMW 330e needs drivetrain attention if you feel heavy vibrations while the vehicle accelerates or clunks during shifting. Other indications could be vibrations on the floorboard or slight resistance while turning the vehicle.

Occasionally the growling noise from the drivetrain can be accompanied by leaking transmission fluid. To save the drivetrain from further damage. It becomes essential to quickly repair and replace the damaged parts before things get out of control.

Since there isn’t a concrete timeframe to get your drivetrain checked, thus, it is crucial to pay attention to the above indications to identify any drivetrain problems.

The most common reason that leads to a drivetrain problem can be your driving style and climate. Both these factors contribute to a damaged drivetrain. Therefore, harsh accelerations or braking should be avoided while driving the BMW 330e.

To solve this problem. Drivetrain components in the BMW 330e, including

  • CV axles
  • CV joints
  • Driveshaft
  • Differential

We need a thorough inspection. If any damaged parts are found, they would need immediate replacement or servicing. In most cases, your car would need to be taken to the service center to get things fixed. Avoid fixing the drivetrain yourself if you are not an expert.

To evade premature drivetrain problems, follow the BMW manual to get recommendations for lubricating gears/bearings and changing/checking transmission fluids.

4. Loss Of Driving Range

Another common problem that can come with the BMW 330e is the loss of driving range. This problem occurs when you are driving the car in the eDrive mode. In other words, a reduction in the driving range when you are driving in the full electric mode concerns this problem.

For instance, if initially, you were getting a range of around 20 miles or more in one charge, which has decreased to 15 or fewer miles on a consequent charge. Then your BMW 330e has a loss of driving range.

To overcome this problem, you would need to check your BMW 330e for any software update. Since the BMW 330e, unlike many modern cars, hinges on sophisticated software.

It is necessary to check the vehicle for any software update from time to time. Still, if you can’t find any software update, it is wise to consult BMW for this problem. Moreover, the depleting battery performance could also be the reason for the loss of driving range. In that case, it is advisable to inspect the battery for any problem.

5. Door Trimming Rubbing The Door 

A usual problem that comes with the BMW 330e is the door trimming tends to rub the door. This could occasionally lead to rattling sounds coming from the rubber seals, which creaks against the trim inside the door.

This problem usually occurs in the front doors of the BMW 330e when going over uneven surfaces or at low speeds. An answer to this common problem would be to apply tape around the inside of your BMW’s door.

If you are looking over a used BMW 330e, don’t forget to check this problem as it’s pretty standard if you don’t prefer placing tapes to minimize the rubbing. Then you would have to bear the rattling sound.

6. Charging Socket Is Closed, But Sensor Says Open

Just like any other modern car, the BMW 330e is a machine with thousands of interconnected parts. With just one malfunctioned part or sensor, the BMW 330e can trouble you with warnings once such a problem can occur with the charging socket cover. The system in the BMW 330e would warn you that the charging socket cover is open even when it is properly closed.

Though this is not a serious long-term problem it can give you temporary discomfort. It can also be annoying since the system would occasionally warn you with messages and alarms. To counter this problem, you can try opening and closing the charging socket cover a few times.

In case there’s a part that got stuck because the sensor could not detect the position of the cover. You should also apply firm pressure on the cover to ensure it is closed properly to its capacity.

7. Can’t Add The BMW 330e To The BMW App

The android integration of BMW is not the best, which occasionally leads to this problem. Suppose you are facing a problem adding your BMW 330e to the BMW android app. To solve this issue, first and foremost, you should check whether you are putting the correct seven digits VIN or not.

It might be possible that you are adding the incorrect VIN because of which you can’t connect the app to your BMW 330e. However, even if you add the correct VIN after selecting your vehicle, the app might not allow you to proceed further. This can be because of some bug in the app. To overcome this, try reinstalling the app again on your android smartphone.

Alternatively, try connecting your BMW 330e while using the BMW app on an IOS device.

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