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5 Common Problems Of A Volvo XC40

5 Common Problems Of A Volvo XC40

What kind of problems does a premium Volvo XC40 have? This blog has outlined all the most important things you should watch for when you’re in the market for an XC40. However, let’s first start with a quick answer.

2019 – 2020 Volvo XC40 have had recalls for the brake pedal being too loose and the emergency braking system not engaging. The 2021 BEV XC40 had acceleration problems and the 2021-2022 Recharge models were at risk for complete power loss. Finally, the pilot assist function shutting down was a problem in the 2019 XC40.

However, that certainly doesn’t tell you the complete story about the problems several model years of the XC40 have experienced. In the article below, we’ll thoroughly discuss all model years of the XC40. We’ll also discuss what caused these problems and if any recalls were issued. Read on!

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1. Braking Issues

One of the first culprits of the Volvo XC40 so far has been its braking system. The XC40 has had two recalls for this already in its short lifespan. The first recall was issued under number 18V554000. Volvo issued this recall specifically for the early 2019 model year.

As it turns out, some of the XC40 had brake pedals that weren’t properly riveted. This means they could move out of position which would of course be a safety issue and reduce braking performance. The cars were inspected on-site or towed to dealers where the brake pedals were riveted properly.

The second recall isn’t particularly a problem with the brakes, rather, it’s a problem with the forward collision avoidance system. This problem affected practically all Volvo models made between 2019 – 2020 including the XC40.

It turned out that the automatic emergency braking system did not always engage in situations in which this was necessary. This led to an increased risk of crashing because the driver couldn’t rely on a safety system they were relying on. The cause was described by Volvo as follows:

Due to the missing software code the Active Safety Domain Master (ASDM) is not fully compatible with the new hardware that was introduced


Luckily, the solution only involved updating the software that was currently used with the missing code.

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2. High Voltage Disconnect Causes Power Loss

In February 2021, Volvo issued a recall for slightly more than 2,000 2021-2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge models (both the PHEV and the EV models). These vehicles had an increased risk of sudden and complete power losses while driving. The recall was issued under number 21V109000.

As it turned out, there was a problem with the battery energy control module (BECM) microprocessor operating system. This fault caused a reset of the same microprocessor, which then caused the high voltage contactors to open, which then led to a complete loss of power in the vehicle (however, steering and braking were still functioning).

The recall involved updating the BECM software and installing an updated microprocessor. Luckily, no real-life cases of this malfunctioning happening were recorded.

3. Water Leaks Cause Accelerator Problems

in April 2022, Volvo recalled over 5,000 BEV models of the 2021 XC40 because of acceleration problems. The culprit was described by Volvo as follows:

A corroded aps circuit may send corrupted signals, causing unintended acceleration, a lack of acceleration, or a loss of drive power, increasing the risk of a crash.


Why was the APS circuit corroded? Because these XC40s had a problem with water leaks which allowed water to enter this circuit and corrode it. The solution involved installing a cable splice that would prevent water from getting to the APS circuit. Furthermore, the connector terminal and APS circuits were replaced.

4. Pilot Assist Turns Off Without Warning

This is one of few complaints the XC40 has had that hasn’t had a recall and that we still have to mention. Owners of the 2019 XC40 describe a moment in which the pilot assist (the semi-autonomous driving feature of the car) turns off automatically without warning the driver about this.

There are two situations in which the pilot assist can turn off. The first one is when the driver takes their hands off the wheel for more than 15 seconds. In this case, the car displays a clear dashboard warning followed by a vibration of the steering wheel. After these warnings, the pilot assist turns off and sounds a loud warning tone to indicate to the driver they have to regain control over the vehicle.

However, the pilot assist can also turn off when the cameras of the car can’t adequately capture the road lane because the lines are disappearing or because they’ve become too faint to track. However, in this case, no warning sign or sound is displayed whatsoever. Only one light on the dashboard changes color from grey to green.

As you can imagine, this creates dangerous situations in which the driver thinks the vehicle is driving, whereas there’s no such support. A recall for this problem was never issued and we’re unaware of any other fixes. However, 2020 and older models haven’t received such complaints which indicates these vehicles did, most likely, receive a software update.

5. GPS Location Doesn’t Send In Case Of Crash

Several 2018 model years of Volvo, including the XC40, were recalled under number 18V800000. The reason for this is the fact that the vehicle did not send a GPS location to emergency services in the event of a crash.

The reason for this was that the vehicle connectivity module had faulty software installed which caused the telematics and driver support systems to function improperly. The recall simply involved updating the software that was installed which did fix the problem.

What’s The Worst And Best Model Year Of The XC40?

Finally, we have to answer the question of what model year of the XC40 you’re best off getting and which ones you should avoid.

The 2019 model year of the Volvo XC40 is the worst model year you can currently get. This is because this model year had problems with a loose brake pedal, as well as some safety features, such as emergency braking and pilot assist, shutting off automatically.

The 2020 model year of the Volvo XC40 is the best model year you can currently get. This is because it only had one recall for the emergency brake assist not functioning. However, it has received no other recalls and it’s also free from any serious complaints.


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