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17 Common Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Problems

17 Common Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Problems

What kind of problems does a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid usually have? This blog lists the most critical issues you should consider while buying a Pacifica Hybrid. First, let’s take a look at a quick answer.

The most common problems of the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid are potential fire risks in the 2017-2018 models because of corrosion of the battery isolator. The infotainment system freezes or fails to change navigation while in motion, or the minivan loses power on the highway.

That was the most straightforward answer possible. In the article below, we’ll outline all the problems in detail. This includes identifying it, fixing it, and how much it costs to fix. Read on!

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Potential Fire Risk Recall

There was a safety recall for 2017-18 models of Chrysler Pacifica hybrid because of a fire risk. It is suggested that the reason for the fire is the corrosion around the posts of the 12-volt battery isolator.

The owners of the cars are suggested not to park the vehicle in a building. It is also advised not to charge the vehicle—unless you are sure that your 2017-2018 has attended the recall and the problem has been dealt with.

The manufacturer suggests the owners install waterproof gaskets on the batteries to avoid the fire risk. The Pacifica hybrid couldn’t find the proper solution to the problem. If the condition of battery posts is terrible due to rust, you might need to change the cables and insulator posts.

For further precautions, the owners are advised not to bring anything wet into the car. Such as water bottles, wet umbrellas, and any kind of drink near the backseat row of the car. This specific recall was placed under number 20V334000 in the midst of 2020.

Unsettled Seat

The car seat with no guarantee of staying itself can get you hurt. In case of an accident, the seat of your Chrysler Pacifica hybrid will get itself free of any support, and the injuries will be more than expected.

The issue is specifically with the second-row seat. The latch joining the seat to the floor is found unreliable. Which leads to the danger it can cause.

The recall numbered 22V181000 can replace the seat’s frame without any cost. This recall was made recently in April 2022.

Faulty Uconnect System

The owners of the Pacifica hybrid 2021 have reported some issues regarding the faulty technology system of the car. Following are some of those issues:

  • Freezes the ability to edit or add new user profiles in the system.
  • It plays Sirius XM with full volume on.
  • The navigation starts to crash and leads you to the wrong address.
  • Randomly starts FM/AM.
  • Allows the driver to change gear but doesn’t let them move the steering wheel.
  • The faulty Uconnect system keeps the car on for a while even if the engine is turned off. With the help of a connected mobile to the system.

Chrysler did send out a notification regarding this issue in which they stated the following:

The radio in your vehicle requires a software update to fix an issue that is preventing your vehicle from receiving over-the-air software updates
You must perform the software update utilizing the enclosed USB flash drive, following the onscreen prompts which will guide you through the process.


Service Charging System Alert

This message on the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica hybrid’s screen occurs more often. After this flash message, the car starts to lower speed without braking. Then the system shuts down the car, and it won’t restart for a while. In the video below, you can see what this problem looks like.

Since the problem is still relatively new, owners haven’t yet been offered a solution, nor has Chrysler offered a recall or technical service bulletin.

Placard Label Error

The placard error of the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid is systematic. It caused a bit of confusion to the customers of Chrysler. The placard label was supposed to have seven persons with a weight capacity of 1,100lbs. Instead, it was labeled with a weight capacity of 950lbs, suggesting six occupants.

This issue confuses the drivers, thinking they might overload the vehicle with seven occupants. But they aren’t overloading; instead only filling up the correct weight the vehicle is designed to handle.

The recall was made in the midst of 2017, July to be exact, and is numbered 17V375000. Due to the manufacturer’s recall, it was free of cost to the consumer. They only needed to get the car to the dealer; the rest was the dealer’s job.

Hybrid Propulsion System Risk

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that is not alien to improper ignitions. Sometimes the unburnt fuel is left in the engine, and it travels to the exhaust system, causing a risk of catching fire.

As this vehicle is a family-friendly type, families often plan a trip in their car. This isn’t the risk worth taking with your favorite ride and your loved ones in it, cruising a trip. So, don’t plan a trip without getting the recall adjustments.

The proper recall for the Pacifica hybrid began at the near end of 2018 and numbered 22V077000. You will get this service without any cost through Chrysler’s customer service.

Engine Misfire

This condition doesn’t happen to the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid often. But when it does, it doesn’t give any alert messages or light blinks. The symptoms will only be rough running of the vehicle and misfiring during driving.

As there is no specific recall made for this issue, the manufacturer suggests replacing the following parts of the car to repair the issue:

  • Upper intake manifold seals
  • Right cylinder head cover
  • Left cylinder head cover
  • Exhaust rocker arm assembly

The last one is said to be the main part to help control misfire. It is also suggested to follow the procedure and take precautions, so you don’t void the vehicle’s warranty.

Powertrain Issue

The owners of the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid also have a problem with the powertrain. The car decelerates without the brakes, no matter what road you are on.

Sometimes the ignition button won’t work upon a single press, or sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Although if you leave the car on its own for a couple of minutes, it works just fine.

For an entertainment lover, the more bad news is that this issue also includes the improper functionality of DVD screens. So you can’t properly enjoy this car feature until the problem is solved.

According to recall 18V524000, the dealer will replace your powertrain module at no cost. So, Pacifica hybrid owners better get the recall as soon as possible to avoid the dangerous consequences.

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Failed Power Inverter Module

A recall was made for the Chrysler hybrid regarding the failed diodes of the power inverter module PIM. The reason for their failure seems to be the overvoltage, which leads to the complete power shutdown.

The recall entertained the owners of Pacifica hybrid from free of cost reprogramming of the following:

  1. Power Inverter Module
  2. Power Control Module
  3. On-Board Charging Module
  4. Battery Pack Control Module

The recall began in September 2017. This specific recall is numbered 17V371000 by Chrysler.

Lower Control Arm Recall

The Chrysler Pacifica hybrid faces the risk of the front lower control arm separating from the steering knuckle. That could happen any time, if not yet, leading to a severe crash. The dealers are told to check for the possible damage this problem might have caused—especially the right front knuckle and lower arm.

The dealer will change the required parts to increase the vehicle’s performance, such as small pinch bolts with bigger ones. Each of these services will cost no buck to the owner of the Pacifica hybrid.

The recall is 19V143000 by Chrysler and might cost you a lot of bucks which can be saved by using the benefit of the recall.

Pacifica Hybrid Won’t Run On Battery

Many models of the Pacifica hybrid face the same issue of not running on battery but only on gas. Some people complain that it switches to “on” on its own.

An old user of Pacifica hybrid proposed a solution of restarting the car software, and it works just fine. The user pressed and held the ok button on the steering wheel and the start button; after a while, the car started on battery.

Can’t Alter Navigation On The Move

The Chrysler tech in the car doesn’t allow you to alter your location or interact with the entertainment system. You have to stop by at the side of the road to make the changes. This safety precaution is making the owners furious at the Chrysler.

Below, we’ve got a reaction from one Pacifica Hybrid owner responding to another upset owner about the navigation not working while in motion:

That’s correct. Unfortunately it will not work with the Pacifica in motion. There are a couple of aftermarket solutions that allow you to change that behavior but they are pricey. The voice recognition works well for text messaging and for navigation for us. Have you tried it?


Automatic Sliding Door

The random engine shutdown causes many malfunctions. Like the sliding door, which is supposed to open using the buttons, must pull manually. And in some cases manual way doesn’t work either. It leaves the occupants hanging. Also, in case of an emergency, if the door doesn’t work, someone might have to bear significant losses because of technical faults.

Entertainment System Freezes

The car sometimes shuts down the entertainment system for no reason. The system would crash and freeze and might also go all black. This issue also includes the non-functionality of the back camera, which is needed when reversing the car.

Battery Coolant Heater

Overheating is a feature of the Pacifica hybrid from the start. The battery starts leaking coolant agent, and the car mechanism cannot correctly manage the temperature. There hasn’t been a proper recall regarding specifically the battery heater of the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid.

Many people have faced this issue, but Chrysler has neither found a solution nor issued a recall. This makes the car owners find one for themselves, which they don’t like.

Chrysler Pacifica hybrid high voltage battery offers five years basic warranty on an average of 60,000 miles. However, if you are still finding a battery heater for your coolant leakage problem, you can find one in the range of $650 – $900.

Circuit Failure

Like many other cars, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid uses a voltage regulator chip in the powertrain control module. That chip has a considerable risk of failing the whole circuit board, which could cause stalling or might not start for a certain time. This condition is a life threat for everyone in the car.

This recall began in October 2018. The dealers will change the powertrain control module at no cost. This specific recall is numbered 18V524000 by Chrysler.

Catalytic Converter Recall

The Chrysler Pacifica hybrid more often startles because of the unburnt oil in the exhaust system. This encourages the chance of accidents or catching fire at any moment.

To settle this issue, a recall was issued in November 2018. The dealer was responsible for updating the software of the powertrain control module of Chrysler. Also, to replace the catalytic converter. The recall was numbered 18V740000 by the manufacturer.


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