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12 Common Problems Of A Lincoln MKC

12 Common Problems Of A Lincoln MKC

The Lincoln MKC, launched in 2014 and sold until 2019, was a compact premium crossover by Lincoln. The MKC is certainly a comfortable option for long journeys thanks to its plentiful features, composed ride, and quiet interior.

However, it isn’t highly ranked as a compact luxury SUV, which is because of some of its common prevailing problems.

But what kind of problems do the Lincoln MKC cars have?

Lincoln MKC owners faced battery issues, which would die in the middle of the road. Faulty electrical components and engine issues were also reported, which led to engine fires and coolant leaks. 2015-2016 models showed problems with engine cooling and transmission. Some owners have faced problems with faulty latches, fuel system malfunction, and failing airbags.

These were the main complaints that were received about the Lincoln MKC. We will discuss all these issues in detail below, with comprehensive information about the issue, its symptoms, and how to fix them.

Whether you want to check the reliability of this car or have this car and are looking for a way to fix your problems, this article will be of great help!

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We Use Real World Vehicle Data To Create This List Of Problems

Before we dive into the most common problems, let’s quickly explain how we created this list.

This data comes from vehicle owners like you. It’s based on real data from real drivers. No guesswork or hypotheticals here.

We use resources like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and many others, to review the most common complaints issues by owners along with the full history of recalls and active investigations.

From there, our team of automotive experts takes a closer look into each problem and breaks down why it happens, what you can do to prevent it, and how to fix it.

We review the data and interpret the results to make your life easier. Now that you understand how we came up with this list, let’s get into it!

1. Battery Issues

The engine may be the powerhouse of a car, but it needs an electrical current to start working. This electric current won’t be produced if the battery is dead. One of the most common issues in the MKC is a dying battery, which has been very prevalent in the 2015 model. 

Owners have reported that the battery would drain overnight or after a few days of not using the vehicle. This problem is termed a “parasitic battery drain,” generally caused by a faulty component that uses current when the car is not in use.

The most common symptoms of a dying battery in the Lincoln MKC are a slow engine crank, flickering dashboard lights, and dim lights.

Owners tried recharging the battery and even changed it, but the problem would reappear after a few weeks. Even the dealerships were clueless about how to fix the issue.

We recommend using a trickle charger which costs just around $50 to $150. This device helps keep the battery functional by preventing it from fully losing its charge.

2. Engine problems

All models of Lincoln MKC, ranging from 2014 to 2019, have exhibited several engine problems. These engine problems ranged from minor coolant leaks to life-threatening engine fires. 

Engine Fires

Many people have reported smoke coming out of the hood of their Lincoln MKC, which later led to fires. Sometimes this incident occurs even when the car is parked and not in use. 

This was generally caused by overheating of the engine block. It has some elements which overheat when plugged in. For owners facing this issue, we recommend replacing the engine block and the electric cord, which will bring you down from about $1000 to $3000. 

If you feel that your engine is producing smoke, then we recommend not using the engine block heater till you have got your engine remedied. 

Lincoln recalled the 2015-16 models (NHTSA Recall No. : 16V-183) to have their engine blocks replaced free of cost; however, we are still waiting for the recalls of the later models. This is a very known issue with Lincoln, and they refuse to address their incompetency.

Leaking coolant

Almost all models have faced the problem of their coolant being leaked. In many cases, the coolant has entered and damaged the engine. A cracked gasket usually causes this, but the root of this issue is yet to be discovered. If you own an MKC, we recommend getting your gaskets regularly inspected.

Auto Start Not Working

Several Lincoln owners have stated that the auto start/stop feature in their cars may completely stop functioning. The vehicle might not be able to use auto restart at all if this system has a problem. This problem might appear to be a one-off, but if left unchecked, it can become permanent. 

There are several potential causes of this problem. A low battery or your Lincoln going into the ‘Deep Sleep Mode’ are some of the commonly known culprits.

However, the most likely cause is a faulty crankshaft position sensor. A new crankshaft position sensor is needed to solve the issue. This may cost you around $100 to $300. 

3. Faulty Internal Components

Being a luxury vehicle, the Lincoln MXC has all kinds of features to help you make your journey comfortable. Some of these features are prone to failure, leading to a hefty repair bill.

Dysfunctional Radio

The Lincoln MXC comes ready with SiriusXM radio, which provides over 150 channels of exciting entertainment. This feature has made the owners more annoyed than entertained because of its frequent disconnections

The radio loses its connections for hours and may suddenly change channels of its own accord. This problem was most common in the 2015 and 2016 models and was caused by the satellite antenna being damaged. The only fix is to replace the antenna, which costs around $20 to $50.

Self-Swinging Side Mirrors, Crashing Of Infotainment System, Lift Gate Opening By Itself

Many users reported the above mentioned issues, which are listed together because they have the same root cause.

The problem was traced down to a faulty modem. A faulty modem sent incorrect signals to these components, causing this disruption. To fix the issue, you need to update it or even replace the modem completely in some cases.

Replacing the modem will cost you around $300 to $500. Lincoln owners of the 2015 model dodged this payment as Lincoln replaced their modems free of charge in their recall.

Defective Heating Seats

Owners of almost all models have had to deal with this issue. The seats don’t get heated properly, and sometimes they don’t get heated at all.

We recommend updating your system, which has worked in many cases. Otherwise, you may have to replace your seat heating pads for a hefty sum of $500.

Exterior Lighting Not Working

Be it the headlights, tail lights, or blinkers, many frustrated owners have talked about these components not working on command. The problem lies within the body control module, or BCM for short, which needs to be replaced. 

The BCM is responsible for handling the internal communication network of a car and is vital for a vehicle’s electrical components to function properly.

This issue is highly troublesome for 2015 and 2016 model owners as Lincoln has stopped manufacturing BCMs for these models. However, you can search for used BCMs for the MKC on eBay, which can go for around $100.

4. Airbag Deployment Failure

Safety is something that no company should compromise on, especially a multi-million dollar company that manufactures cars. There have been quite a few airbag-related problems in Lincoln MKC, which have now become hard to ignore. 

The most common airbag problem is that airbags fail to deploy. Some users on Car Problems have reported that the airbags in their Lincoln MKC did not deploy during an accident. This issue should be resolved at the earliest since it can be life-threatening. 

If your car is having some airbag-related problems, you will also see the onset of airbag light. This light will start beaming on your car’s dashboard and indicates that there is something wrong with your car’s airbags system. 

These airbag problems are usually caused by software issues. Faulty airbag sensors/ECUs, airbag software glitches, and outdated software can cause this issue to manifest. Apart from this, this problem might be caused due to hardware damage. 

Airbags also malfunction due to faulty electrical components and wiring. If you face any airbag-related issues in your Lincoln, we suggest you take your car to a nearby dealership to rectify it. 

If the sensors are at fault, you will have to dish out around $200-$300 to solve this issue. If the hardware has malfunctioned, expect a more expensive repair bill. 

5. Fuel System Problems 

The fuel system manages the fuel delivery from the fuel tank to the engine. Many owners have reported that their cars stalled, jerked, or came to a stop while moving.

This issue is highly common in the 2015 models and has also transpired in the later models. These symptoms point to a fault in the fuel system. In the Lincoln MKC, this problem may have one of 2 causes:

Fuel Pump Malfunction

The Lincoln MKC’s fuel pump is known to fail much earlier than other cars. Generally, after 20,000 miles, the fuel pump of the MKC starts to malfunction. The fuel pump may start pumping too much gas or too little gas. 

The malfunction may be caused by improper nickel plating of the components of the fuel pump, and the only solution is to completely replace your fuel propulsion system. It will cost you upwards of $1000 to make this replacement. There was a recall for the 2015 model in which Lincoln replaced the fuel pump free of charge.

Cracked Fuel Delivery Module (FDM)

The FDM is located inside the fuel tank, communicates with the vehicle control module, and operates the fuel pump. Several Lincoln MKC owners reported that this part is faulty and prone to early wear and tear. 

After some time, the FDM may crack between the filter cap and the filter body. This can result in low fuel pressure. A reduction in fuel pressure causes the vehicle to stall.

Replacing this component will set you back around $300. Lincoln conducted a recall for the 2015 model for this problem too.

6. Faulty Latches

When a driver purchases a luxury vehicle such as the MKC, he expects the very best. But when that luxury vehicle fails to even properly close its doors and exposes its drivers to injury, it leaves the driver very angry and disappointed. 

There have been numerous complaints of such drivers whose car doors failed to properly latch and opened midway while driving. A component of the door latches may crack, stopping the doors from properly latching while leading the driver to falsely believe that the door is securely closed. 

If you face this issue, the door latches need to be replaced, which was covered in the recall for the 2015 models. All later model owners will need around $200 to make this replacement. 

What Was The Worst Year For The Lincoln MKC?

Lincoln MKC is a luxury car that should last you for around 180,000 miles if maintained properly. Although it has been on the roads for only eight years, it is marred with technical issues, due to which it is not rated highly among other luxury brands. 

The Lincoln MKC 2019 model was the last MKC vehicle to grace the roads, after which the Lincoln Corsair replaced it. The Lincoln MKC arrived in the automobile industry in 2014, and it had several problems, but still, in the subsequent models, we didn’t see much improvement. 

The MKC had five models from 2015 to 2019, and the worst was definitely the 2015 model. It has a total of 46 complaints on and has been recalled eight times for adjustments and repairs by the company. The vehicle is riddled with problems, including but not limited to engine issues, battery issues, 

If you intend on opting for the MKC, we recommend going for the latest 2019 model. In this year, the problems were relatively fewer, and its luxury features outweighed the technical issues. If you’re looking for the best Lincoln MKC, this year is your best bet. 

Closing Thoughts

From battery and engine issues to faulty electrical components, we’ve delved deep into the most common issues you might face with the Lincoln MKC.

Now, if you’re a Lincoln enthusiast or planning on grabbing some new wheels, you might also be interested in our detailed guide on the bolt pattern of a Lincoln MKC. And for anyone looking to upgrade their wheels or tires, we also discuss in depth the exact bolt pattern of all Lincoln models.

In conclusion, while the Lincoln MKC has its fair share of problems, being informed and proactive can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Happy driving!

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