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What Is The Weight Of A 2009 – 2020 Nissan 370Z? (Answered)

When you own a 370Z Nissan, there will most likely also be moments where you need to know how much the car weighs. Therefore, in this blog, we’ve compiled a list of all the 2009 – 2020 trim levels and models with their correct weight in pounds and kilograms. However, let’s start with a short answer.

The Nissan 370 base model has a weight of 3,232 – 3,413 pounds as a coupe. The Sport has a weight of 3,278 – 3,415 pounds, the Sport Tech 3,327 – 3,473 pounds, and the Sport Touring 3,352 – 3,561 pounds. The Touring weighs 3,259 – 3,357 pounds; the NISMO (Tech) weighs 3,300 – 3,578 pounds, and the Roadster weighs 3,459 – 3,532 pounds.

However, this doesn’t tell the full story. In the next subheading, we’ve outlined the base weight of the Nissan 350Z together with some useful notes. This way, you’ll surely find the weight of the Nissan 350Z. Read on!

Base Weight Of The Nissan 370Z Per Model Year And Trim

The table below outlines all the different weights for all the Nissan 370Z’s produced. We’ve also included the weight in pounds and kilograms. Furthermore, it’s good to know that the weight of this particular car mainly depends on two different factors: the trim and the model.

The model is quite simple. The Nissan has been produced in both a coupe and roadster version. The trim levels have changed throughout the years and are as follows:

  • Base (2009 – 2020)
  • Sport (2015 – 2020)
  • Sport Touring (2015 – 2020)
  • Touring (2009 – 2020)
  • Sport Tech (2015 – 2018)
  • NISMO (2009 – 2020)
  • NISMO Tech (2015 – 2017)

Furthermore, it’s important to know that there are also weight differences between the different transmissions. In the notes section, we’ve added this information to give you the best possible overview of the weight of a Nissan 370Z.

Model YearTrimBase Weight (lbs)Base weight (kg)Notes
 Sport Touring3,4391,560Auto
  3,4791,578Auto, roadster
 Touring3,4971,586Auto, roadster
 Sport Touring3,4171,550Manual
  3,4941,585Auto, roadster
  3,5191,596Auto, roadster
 Sport Tech3,3931,539Manual
 Touring Sport3,5081,591Manual
  3,4631,571Auto, roadster
 Sport Tech3,3531,521Manual
  3,4811,579Manual, roadster
  3,5211,597Auto, roadster
 NISMO Tech3,3981,541Manual
 Touring Sport3,5211,597Manual
  3,4591,569Auto, roadster
 Sport Tech3,3511,520Manual
  3,4791,578Manual, roadster
  3,5011,588Auto, roadster
 NISMO Tech3,3941,539Manual
 Touring Sport3,3321,511Manual
  3,4701,574Auto, roadster
 Sport Tech3,3271,509Manual
  3,4881,582Manual, roadster
  3,5101,592Auto, roadster
 NISMO Tech3,3461,518Manual
 Touring Sport3,4881,582Manual
  3,4701,574Auto, roadster
  3,4881,582Manual, roadster
  3,5321,602Auto, roadster
  3,4701,574Auto, roadster
  3,4881,582Manual, roadster
  3,5101,592Auto, roadster
  3,4591,569Auto, roadster
  3,4791,578Manual, roadster
  3,5011,588Auto, roadster
  3,4261,554Manual, roadster
  3,4491,564Auto, roadster
  3,4671,573Manual, roadster
  3,4891,583Auto, roadster
  3,4261,554Manual, roadster
  3,4491,564Auto, roadster
  3,4671,573Manual, roadster
  3,4891,583Auto, roadster

What Is The Maximum Towing Capacity Of A Nissan 370Z?

There’s a good chance you wanted to know the weight of the 370Z because you want to hook a trailer up to your car. In this case, you need to know the maximum towing capacity of the 370Z. We read through the owner’s manual of the 370Z, and the answer is as follows.

A Nissan 370Z has no maximum towing capacity because Nissan advises owners not to tow anything with this particular car. Therefore it’s not advised to tow anything with the 370Z. If you still decide to do so, this could damage the frame of the car or the drivetrain. 

How Much Does The Nissan 370Z Weigh Compared To It’s Competitors?

Finally, we feel it’s a good idea to compare the weight of the Nissan 370Z to its competitors to feel this car truly. What we found is that the minimum weight seems to be quite average compared to its competitors. The Civic Type-R is almost 300 pounds lighter, whereas the Challenger is more than 500 pounds heavier.

Looking at the maximum curb weight, we see that the Nissan 370Z does seem to be quite light on this end of the spectrum. The American muscle cars, of course, weigh far more than the smaller 370Z. Only the WRX Limited and the Type-R seem comparable here, but that was to be expected.

Make/ModelMinimum Curb Weight (lbs)Maximum Curb Weight (lbs)
2020 Nissan 370Z                                  3,333                                   3,486
2020 Chevrolet Camaro                                  3,351                                   4,120
2020 Dodge Challenger                                  3,858                                   4,429
2020 Subaru WRX Limited                                  3,371                                   3,527
2020 Honda Civic Type-R                                  3,071                                   3,121

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