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What Is The Oil Type, Capacity, And Weight Of A Chevy Express?

The Chevrolet Express is one of the most famous full-size vans with a spacious interior, high burly towing, and multiple drivetrain capacities. This car has four generations, and all of them use different types of engine oils. To understand the various engine oils, let us start with a short answer*.

The first generation (1996-2002) of Chevy Express (4.3L, 5.0L, 5.0L, 8.1L) uses GM Goodwrench oil. Second-gen (2002-07) of Chevy Express (4.3L, 4.8L, 5.3L, 8.1L) uses AC Delco full synthetic motor oil. The last generation (2008-Present) has 4.3L, 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L engines and works best with ACDelco dexos2 motor oil.

*The engine oils used in Equinox are not limited to these brands only. All engine oils fulfilling the requirements given below will work well with your Chevy Equinox.

Many questions and queries about the oil used in Chevy Express are yet to be answered. This is a summarized answer that doesn’t do justice to our research on this topic. In the detailed article mentioned below, we will enlist the optimum oil type for Chevy Express, the oil weight of the Chevy Express, the Goodwrench®’soil capacity of a Chevy Express, and how to reset the oil level in a Chevy Express.

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What Is The Oil Type And Oil Weight Used In Chevy Express?

Chevy Express has spawned across three generations, with each generation possessing several models. In the table given below, we have enlisted all of the significant prerequisites that you’ll need to tick mark before buying the correct oil type for your car.

  • The first generation of Chevrolet Express (1996-2002) uses the engine oils that have GM Standard GM6094 certification, SAE 5W-30 oil weight, API certification, and the starburst symbol. GM Goodwrench® oil meets all the requirements for this vehicle. To find the right kind of engine oil for your car on Amazon, click here. For car owners residing in areas where the temperature falls below -20°C, you can either use 5W-30, 0W-30, or a mix of both.
  • The second generation (2002-07) of Chevy Express uses engine oils that are GM6094M Compliant, have the API Starburst symbol, and have SAE 5W-30 weight. ACDelco dexos1 5W-30 is recommended. To check out some engine oils that go with this generation, click here.
  • The third generation of Chevrolet Express works best with engine oils that meet the dexos1 specification. The standard oil weight of 5W-30 is used. In extremely cold temperatures, the oil with a weight/viscosity grade of 0W-30 can also be used. You will also see the dexos1 approved logo on these engine oils. To find the right engine oil for this generation, click here.

What is The Oil Capacity of a Chevy Express?

Oil Capacity refers to the amount of oil your car’s engine needs to run optimally. The oil capacities of various models of Chevy Express are mentioned below.

Gen 1 (1995-2002)

Engine ModelOil Capacity
4.3L V6 Engine4.5 qt
5.0L V8 Engine5.0 qt
5.7L V8 Engine5.0 qt
8.1L V8 Engine6.5 qt

Gen 2 (2002-07)

Engine ModelOil Capacity
4.3L V6 Engine4.5 qt
4.8L V8 Engine6 qt
5.3L V8 Engine6 qt
5.3L V8 Flexible Fuel Engine6 qt
6.0L V8 Engine6 qt

Gen 3 (2008-Present)

Engine ModelOil Capacity
4.3L V6 Engine6 qt
4.8L V8 Engine6 qt
5.3L V8 Engine6 qt
6.0L V8 Engine6 qt

When To Change The Oil of A Chevy Express?

All models of Chevy Express come with a computer system that will let you know when to change the engine oil and filter. This is based on several factors, such as engine revolutions and average engine temperature. When the system finds out that the oil life has been diminished to such an extent that further use will lead to engine damage, you will see a Change Engine Oil Soon message. It is best to change the oil within the next 1000 km.

If you drive your car under the best conditions, the chances are that this message won’t pop up for over a year. However, it is best to change your car oil at least once a year. Another thing to do while changing your car oil is to reset the system once your oil change is finished. This will allow your car to work optimally.

How To Check The Oil Level of A Chevy Express?

You should check your car’s engine oil regularly, approximately once every 650 km. You can check the oil level of your Chevy Express using the dipstick. Follow the given steps to check the oil level of your Chevy Express.

  • Turn off your engine. It is best to check the engine level after the car has been off for 2 hours. If you have to check the oil level urgently, wait at least 15 minutes after turning off your car before you check the engine oil.
  • Take out the dipstick and clean it using a paper towel. Push the cleaned dipstick back in all the way.
  • Take the dipstick out again and check the oil level.
  • If oil is below the cross-hatched area at the tip of the dipstick, add 1 liter or 1 quart of the recommended oil.
  • Be sure to add the oil to keep it somewhere in the optimum range in the cross-hatched area.
  • Put the dipstick back in once you are done.

What to Do With Used Oil?

Once you are done with the engine oil replacement, you must dispose of the oil properly. If any oil spills on your hands or skin, clean it using soap and water or a good hand cleaner. Used oil can also be hazardous to the environment. Never put it in the trash or on the ground. Take it by taking it to a place that collects oil and recycles it using environmental-friendly methods.