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The Oil Type, Weight, And Capacity Of A Dodge Caravan

We have written quite a bit about Dodge’s minivan, the Dodge Caravan. To ensure that you get the best performance from the Dodge Caravan, you need to select the best engine oil. That’s why we will write all about the Caravan’s engine oil requirements. Before we do that, let’s look at a short answer.

The first and second generations of the Dodge Caravan work best with an engine oil such as the MOPAR 5W-30 Genuine Engine Oil. However, for temperatures above 32­oF an oil such as the MOPAR 10W-30 Genuine Engine Oil is recommended. The third generation works best with an oil such as the MOPAR 5W-30 Genuine Engine Oil.

*The engine oils used in Dodge Caravan are not limited to these brands only. All engine oils fulfilling the requirements given below will work well with your Dodge Caravan.

The answer above shares limited information about the engine oil recommendations for the Dodge Caravan. Read the sections below to get a complete understanding of what is best for your Dodge Caravan. We have explored the oil type, weight, and capacity of the Dodge Caravan, followed by information on checking oil levels, changing engine oil, and replacing oil filters.

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What Type Of Engine Oil Is Used In The Dodge Caravan?

The Dodge Caravan spanned three generations, with the first model being introduced in 1984 and the last in 2007. The section below presents all the information you will need to select the best engine oil for your Dodge Caravan.

  • The first generation (1983-1990) of the Dodge Caravan works best with engine oils with the API certification and SG quality or above. Mopar and all such equivalent oils are suitable.
  • The second generation (1995-2001) of the Dodge Caravan works best with engine oils that are API certified and conform to the API service grade SH or SH/CD.
  • The third generation (2001-2007) of the Dodge Caravan works best with engine oils that are API certified and fulfill the requirements of DaimlerChrysler Material Standard MS-6395. Mopar or any such oil that meets the MS-6395 specification can be used.

What Is The Weight/Viscosity Of Oils Used In Dodge Caravan?

The weight or viscosity of engine oil is how well it flows at specific temperatures. Engine oils used in the Dodge Caravan should meet the API and SAE viscosity standards. Recommended viscosities for the different models of the Caravan are presented below.

The first (1983-1990) and second (1995-2001) generations recommend using engine oils with viscosity ratings of SAE 5W-30 for temperatures below 32­oF and oils with SAE 10W-30 for temperatures above 32­oF up to 100­oF.

To find an SAE 5W-30 engine oil, click here.

To find an SAE 10W-30 engine oil, click here.

The third generation (2001-2007) of the Dodge Caravan recommends using SAE 5W-30 engine oil for all temperatures.

To find an SAE 5W-30 engine oil, click here.

What Is The Oil Capacity Of a Dodge Caravan?

The Oil Capacity of a car is the amount of oil needed by the car’s engine to run optimally. The tables below summarize the oil capacities of the various models of Dodge Caravan.

Gen 1 (1983-1990)

The capacities mentioned below are without the oil filter. Adding the filters may increase the amount of oil required. (Gen. 1)

Engine ModelOil Capacity
2.2L L4 Engine4 Qt.
2.5L L4 Engine4.5 Qt.
2.6L L4 Engine4.5 Qt.
3.0L V6 Engine4.5 Qt.


Gen 2 (1995-2001)

Engine ModelOil Capacity
2.4L L4Engine4.5 Qt.
3.0L V6 Engine4.5 Qt.
3.3L V6 Engine4.5 Qt.
3.8L V6 Engine4.5 Qt.


Gen 3 (2001-2007)

Engine ModelOil Capacity
2.4L L4 Engine5 Qt.
3.3L V6 Engine5 Qt.
3.8L V6 Engine5 Qt.


When To Change The Oil Of A Dodge Caravan?­

Dodge recommends two maintenance schedules. Most users require Schedule B. If your vehicle is operated under the following conditions, schedule B is suitable for you.

  • Temperatures below 32OF
  • 50% or more driving at temperatures above 90OF
  • Stop and go driving
  • Extensive engine idling
  • Driving in dusty conditions
  • Short trips (less than 10 miles)
  • Trailer towing/Taxi/ Police/ Delivery vehicle
  • Off-road or desert operation

For maintenance schedule B, it is ideal to change the engine oil every 3,000 miles (5,000 km).

If your vehicle is not operated in any of the conditions above, then you may follow schedule A, which is to change engine oil every 6,000 miles (10,000 km)

The oil change intervals should not exceed 6,000 miles (10,000 km) or six months.

How To Check The Oil Level Of A Dodge Caravan?

The engine oil level should be checked at regular intervals, such as at every fuel stop. Before checking the oil level, ensure that the car is on level ground and a time of five minutes has elapsed after a fully warmed-up engine has been shut off. This improves the accuracy of the oil level readings. To check the oil level, follow the steps below.

  • Remove the dipstick and clean it.
  • Place the dipstick back.
  • Remove it again and check the oil level on the markings.
  • The oil level should be between the MIN and MAX markings on the dipstick. Adding one quart of oil results in a reading change from MIN to MAX.

Engine Oil Filter Selection for the Dodge Caravan?

The engines use full-flow type oil filters. When replacing filters, only full-flow type filters should be used. Replacement filters’ quality varies greatly, so care should be taken to only select high-quality filters for the replacement to assure the most efficient service. Mopar engine oil filters are the recommended high-quality filters.