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The Oil Type, Weight, And Capacity Of A Chevy Blazer

To ensure that your Chevrolet Blazer runs spectacularly, you have to take care of its engine oil. The proper selection of engine oil means less friction and better performance. Read the short answer below to get started on the Blazer’s oil needs.

The Chevrolet Blazer uses engine oils meeting the dexos1 specification, such as the ACDelco dexos1 full synthetic engine oil.

*The engine oils used in Chevrolet Blazer are not limited to these brands only. All engine oils fulfilling the requirements given below will work well with your Chevrolet Blazer.

We will follow this short answer with everything you need to know about engine oil. The organized sections below cover various essential factors such as oil viscosity, oil type, and oil capacity. For your convenience, we have added descriptions on tasks such as checking the oil level, changing the oil, and resetting the Engine Oil Life System.

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What Type Of Engine Oil Is Used In The Chevrolet Blazer?

The new crossover SUV, Chevrolet Blazer, hit the markets in January 2019. Like other Chevrolet vehicles in recent years, the Blazer requires engine oil that meets the dexos1 specification. The recommended engine oil is the ACDelco dexos1 full synthetic engine oil.

What Is The Weight/Viscosity Of Oils Used In Chevrolet Blazer?

The Engine oil viscosity grade provides information on the oil’s resistance to flow in the vehicle’s engine. The selection of an adequate viscosity grade requires considering the engine it will be used in and the operating temperatures of said engine. The oil viscosity grades for the Blazer’s engines have been specified below.

For 2.0L and 2.5L Engines

The oil viscosity grade of SAE 0W-20 should be used for both inline-four engines.

Click here for such an oil

For 3.6L engine

The oil viscosity grade of SAW 5W-30 should be used for the 3.6L V6 engine.

Click here for such an oil.

In low-temperature areas, where temperatures fall below -29oC or -20oF, a viscosity grade of SAE 0W-30 may be used. This oil will facilitate the cold starting of the engine at low temperatures.

What Is The Oil Capacity Of a Chevrolet Blazer?

The Oil Capacity of a car is the amount of oil needed by the car’s engine to run optimally. The tables below summarize the oil capacities of the various models of Chevrolet Blazer.

 2019 – Present

Engine ModelOil Capacity
2.0L L4 Engine5.3 Qt.
2.5L L4 Engine5 Qt.
3.6L V6 Engine6 Qt.

When To Change The Oil Of A Chevrolet Blazer?

­The Engine Oil Life System indicates when an oil change is required. It does this by considering several factors such as miles driven, engine revolutions, and engine temperature. Thus, the mileage at which an oil change is necessary varies depending on driving conditions. Once the system determines that an oil change is required, it displays the message, “CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON”. The oil must be changed within 1,000 km (600 miles) of said message.

The vehicle can operate without needing an oil change for a year under the best driving conditions. However, the engine oil must be changed at least once a year. If the system is accidentally reset, change the engine oil within 5,000 km (3,000 miles).

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How To Check The Oil Level Of A Chevrolet Blazer?

The oil level should be checked every 650km (400 miles). It is recommended to check oil levels before long trips.

The oil level should be checked two hours after the engine has been shut off. It is recommended to check the oil level of a cold engine before starting. The vehicle must be on level ground to improve the accuracy of the reading. To check the oil level, remove the dipstick with the help of the loop and wipe it clean. Push the dipstick back in and remove it again. Check the oil level while keeping the tip down.

One quart of oil should be added when the oil level is below the cross-hatched region, and the engine has been off for at least 15 minutes. Recheck the oil level once one quart of oil has been added.

How To Reset The Oil Level / Oil Life Of A Chevrolet Blazer?

Once the engine oil is replaced, the Engine Oil Life System must be reset so that it stops displaying the change engine oil soon message.  To reset the system, follow the steps below.

  • Go to REMAINING OIL LIFE on the DIC.
  • Press and hold the thumbwheel on the DIC.
  • Confirm yes, and the oil life will return to 100%.

Another method to reset the system is to place the ignition in service mode, go to remaining oil life on the DIC menu and fully press the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds. The display should be changed to 100%.


2020 Chevrolet Blazer Owner’s Manual