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The Oil Type, Capacity And Weight Of A Chevy Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban needs no introduction; it’s been here for quite a while and has twelve generations under its belt. We’ll be delving into one of the aspects affecting your vehicle’s performance significantly, engine oil. Before we get into all that you’ll need to know about the Suburban’s engine oil specifications, let’s take a look at a short answer.

An engine oil such as the Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil is suitable for the tenth generation Suburban. An engine oil such as the Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20 Motor Oil is ideal for the eleventh and twelfth generations Suburbans.

*The engine oils used in Chevrolet Suburban are not limited to these brands only. All engine oils fulfilling the requirements given below will work well with your Chevrolet Suburban.

Now that we’ve had our short answer let us explore all the engine oil specifications, like its viscosity and type and your vehicle’s capacity. Read on to cover other essential topics such as checking and changing engine oil or resetting the Engine Oil Life System.   

What Type Of Engine Oil Is Used In The Chevrolet Suburban?

The Chevrolet Suburban has a whopping 12 generations. Our focus in this text will be the latest generations, ten through twelve, with the tenth generation starting in 2007 and the twelfth coming out in 2021. The engine oil specification required for the Chevrolet Suburban is discussed below. This selection of engine oil ensures the best performance of your vehicle.

  • The tenth generation (2007 – 2014) of the Suburban requires an engine oil that is API certified and meets the GM Standard GM6094M. The dexos1 specification supersedes this.
  • The eleventh (2015 – 2020) and twelfth (2021 – Present) generations of the Suburban require engine oils that meet the dexos1 specification.

What Is The Weight/Viscosity Of Oils Used In Chevrolet Suburban?

Engine oil viscosity measures the flow of oil at specific temperatures. Read the section below to determine the suitable viscosity grade for your Chevrolet Suburban.

A viscosity grade of SAE 5W-30 must be used for the tenth generation Suburban. The SAE 0W-30 viscosity grade can be used in low-temperature areas (below -29oC or -20oF). Click here to find such an oil.

A viscosity grade of SAE 0W-20 must be used for the eleventh and twelfth generations. Click here to find such an oil.

What Is The Oil Capacity Of a Chevrolet Suburban?

The Oil Capacity of a car is the amount of oil needed by the car’s engine to run optimally. The tables below summarize the oil capacities of the various models of the Chevrolet Suburban.

Gen 10 (2007 – 2014)

Engine ModelOil Capacity
4.8L V8 Engine6 Qt.
5.3L V8 Engine6 Qt.
6.0L V8 Engine6 Qt.

Gen 11 (2015 – 2020)

Engine ModelOil Capacity
5.3L V8 Engine8 Qt.

 Gen 12 (2021 – Present)

Engine ModelOil Capacity
5.3L V8 Engine8 Qt.
6.2L V8 Engine8 Qt.


When To Change The Oil Of A Chevrolet Suburban?­

The Engine Oil Life System calculates oil life based on the vehicle’s use and displays a DIC menu when the oil change is required. The system considers various factors such as the engine temperature, engine revolutions, and mileage driven.

How To Check The Oil Level Of A Chevrolet Suburban?

The engine oil should be checked at every fuel fill. To ensure the accuracy of the oil level readings, park the car on level ground and after the engine has been turned off, allow several minutes for the oil to drain back into the oil pan.

To check the oil level, follow the steps below.

  • Pull out the dipstick with the loop handle.
  • Clean the dipstick properly.
  • Place it back in.
  • Pull it out again.
  • Check the oil level while keeping the tip down.

Add one quart of oil if the oil level is below the cross-hatched region. Then recheck the oil level to ensure that it is within the recommended range on the dipstick.

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How To Reset The Oil Level / Oil Life Of A Chevrolet Suburban?

The Engine Oil Life System needs to be manually reset after displaying the change oil message. This can be done using the DIC menu or by using the accelerator pedal.

DIC Menu Method

On the DIC, display the OIL LIFE REMAINING and hold the tick button until the oil life changes to 100%. (Some models may have the set/reset button instead of the tick button).

Accelerator Pedal Method

Keeping the engine off, turn the ignition to ON/RUN. Slowly and fully press the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds. Check that the oil life has been changed to 100% on the DIC in the OIL LIFE REMAINING section. Turn the ignition to OFF.