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How Well Does The Nissan Rogue Perform In The Snow? (Explained)

Why should you prefer the Nissan Rogue as the finest choice in the snow? It’s relevant enough to think about the vehicle if you live in a snowy region. Here are few reasons why one should go for Nissan Rogue:

The Nissan ROGUE AWD is good for snow driving because of its increased propulsion and adequate control on rutted and low friction surfaces. The Rogue is equipped with a capable AWD system that senses a loss in traction and adjusts it by distributing power to maintain the control. Furthermore, owners are positive about its performance in the snow.

Now we will elaborate further on what makes Rogue so good in snow.

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Experiences Of Nissan Rogue Owners

Before mentioning the details about the functions and specifications of Nissan rogue, we need to know a few of its owners’ verifiable reviews. Several forums were taken a look to give you a general opinion about this car. And to no surprise, we found out that the owners were delighted and delighted with its performance.

Few of the owners also mentioned that it is a well-rounded compact SUV. It provides the owners with solid quality, value, and fuel economy. Let us go through a few of the owners’ reviews and get to know why a good set of winter tires is essential for your safety. After that, we will take a profound look at the pros.

“1st snowstorm 2018 Rogue Sport. The car rides nice in the snow, BUT the windshield wipers and the defrost can’t handle it. Even with the defrost at 80 degrees. I had to pull off the road three times to clean the front window, and no one wants to do that in a major snowstorm !!!”


“2018 no money down AWD 244 a month, can’t beat it, except I wish I went for the model above the S= easy to get into with bad hip plenty of room at 230 pounds and AWD works well in buffalo snow.”


“This car meets my needs; it handles well in the snow, provides ample room for my storage, and looks good. I would recommend this car to anybody”


“2018 Silver Rogue SV. I love the Apple CarPlay – it was an important feature. The car rides very nice in city & Highway. It sits up a little higher than a sedan (which we had & we wanted a little higher view). Car safety features are great – collision/emergency braking, lane departure (does not have the adaptive Cruise Control – which is ok).

We know the style will change, but we wanted a good car, not a new car at this time. We have a dog & he can get in/out very easily. He likes to sit upon the seats when folded down. The car has plenty of room for whatever we need. I also like the rear trunk’s possible shelving configurations. It can be a shelf, box, or cover so no one can see into the trunk area. The size is perfect. Much easier to maneuver & park. I like the remote start & heated seats (for winter).”


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Are Regular Tires Enough For The Nissan Rogue In Wintery weather?

Nissan Rogue is equipped with all seasoned tires when it comes out of the factory.

All seasoned tires are designed for various road conditions and offer outstanding year-round performance for drivers living in a moderate climate. Still, it does not encounter snowy winter conditions.

The reason is as the temperature falls below 42° F, all seasoned tires harden and lose traction. The extreme winter conditions make the road slippery, due to which the rubber of the regular tires gets stiff and loses grip, which can be unsafe for the driver.

Having a proper set of tires matters if you drive a Nissan Rogue in winter. Installing winter tires is safe because they are specially designed with thick rubber, which helps gain more traction and a better grip on snowy surfaces.

Rubber composition, tread depth and pattern, and biting edges are three main features that set winter tires apart from regular tires.

Therefore, if you live in a moderate climate, then an all seasoned tire is a good choice, but living in a highly snowy, cold region, winter tires must be installed to keep you safe from unpredictable weather conditions. So, it is advisable to put winter tires in November and take them off till April.

If you want to buy snow tires, we advise you to use Tirerack. They have a great tool that allows you to find the perfect fit for your exact model, so you won’t have to worry about fitment issues. Furthermore, they also offer free shipping on most of their orders. Check out their store here!

Does The Nissan Rogue Have an All-Wheel Drive System?

If you are worried about keeping control when driving through exceptionally or icy conditions, then the Nissan Rogue AWD feature helps you maximize traction.

Nissan Rogue is available with All Wheel Drive that automatically senses a loss in traction and allows the vehicle to make instantaneous changes on a slippery and icy road. It enhances grip, giving you the confidence of a safe drive in rough and low traction conditions.

A low-speed regulator button is provided in the AWD system that locks all four wheels of Nissan Rogue for better traction in snow or while off-roading. While approaching cruising speed, the system diverts most of the power to the front wheels to provide greater efficiency. If the system senses inclination, tight turns, or slippery conditions, then it transfers power from the front to the rear to keep the car in control and provide a safe drive to your destination.

Nissan Rogue offers all-wheel drive on all models. The crossover is offered in S, SV, and SL trim levels, each available with front-wheel or all-wheel-drive systems.

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Advance Electronic Systems Of Nissan Rogue In Snow

Apart from having a unique AWD system, Nissan Rogue also has advanced electronic systems, and it is fully equipped with all the cutting-edge technologies such as:

Vehicle Dynamic Condition (VDC)

VDC is the same as the electronic stability control in a car which has been obligatory in vehicles since 2012. It helps the driver to maintain stability and controllability of the car on slippery roads during the snow.

It controls and limits the understeer and oversteer. The VDC system lowers the engine output to avoid spinning the wheel if the vehicle is stuck in the snow. The driver can turn off the VDC system if maximum engine power is needed to free a stuck vehicle. As the VDC switch is turned off, the off-indicator illuminates, indicating the VDC system is off.

Having the VDC switched off, the system still tries to keep the vehicle on a steered path. This system controls brake pressure to avoid wheel slippage on a drive wheel by transferring power to a non-slipping drive wheel on the same axle.

This feature also helps the car maintain proper traction in adverse conditions during winter.

Traction Control

If you own a Nissan Rogue, it is apparent that it has electronic traction and stability control, which acts as a driving aid in snow, ice, or poorly maintained roads. It handles the brake and engine power to restrain the wheel’s spinning, thus contributing to the driver’s safer winter driving experience.

Snow driving is sometimes hazardous as different tires experience different amounts of traction due to slippery roads and spin at different speeds, which can cause the vehicle to skid. Thus, the traction control system applies the brake or directly reduces power to that wheel spinning faster or differently than the other wheels.

Anti Lock Braking System

Nissan Rogue has ABS. as one of the most standard features. Sometimes the driver tends to lose control over the vehicle while applying sudden brakes due to certain calamities. This system helps you to stop your vehicle while maintaining proper control in emergency stopping scenarios.

ABS increases stopping distances on surfaces covered with snow or loose ice. This situation causes the locked tire to dig into the snow, causing a wedge formation in front of the tire, bringing the car to a stop and skids. Since ABS prevents the vehicle from skidding, that wedge is never formed though the driver may regain the ability to steer.

Hill Start Assist Control

HAC is another safety feature. When traveling uphill, some drivers may often tend to hold their car and then start moving again. In this situation, you press hard on your accelerator. There are chances that the vehicle may roll backward. If the hill is covered in snow, the chances that your car will move backward considerably increases. HAC holds your vehicle from rolling backward by holding the braking pressure built up by the driver during the stopping procedure for 2 seconds, even if you release the brake pedal.

During the pressure-hold period, the driver has enough time to press the accelerator pedal to drive off. The braking pressure eases as soon as the car detects the driver’s intentions to move on.

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Lane Departure Warning

During driving on a night or when the visibility is low, or sometimes the driver may be drowsy, there are chances that the car may go off the track unintentionally. This increases the events of the vehicle going off the road or colliding with a car. Nissan Rogue comes with an advanced Lane Departure Warning feature.

This feature constantly monitors the left and right lane marker and sees if the car is off lane. If there is a chance of the car leaving the lane, the system flashes an indicator and sounds a warning chime.

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

During winter, the driver is supposed to drive the car with extra alertness and circumspection.

However, the feature forward Collision Warning in Nissan Rogue acts as an additional pillar of support to the driver’s safety.

This system monitors the vehicles ahead of your car using a radar sensor, laser, or camera to scan the road ahead of you. During a sudden brake or deceleration by the second car, the system alerts the driver of the potential risk of a forward collision using an indicator or audible alert and save from impending danger. Slippery roads in the snow cause longer braking distances, so it is advisable to keep plenty of space for the car in front of you.

Snow Mode

Snow mode is only available in cars having All-Wheel Drive System. Since Nissan Rogue is provided with an AWD feature, it does have a snow mode. Snow mode is represented by a snowflake icon that handles the car on slippery surfaces due to snow and helps you maintain control over your vehicle.

The car tends to oversteer, and VSD kicks in for a fraction of a second (cuts the fuel) until the vehicle is straight if the snow mode is off.

When you turn on the snow mode, the light on the switch illuminates, indicating the engine output is being controlled to avoid spinning the wheel. It is convenient to use this feature on dense snow-covered roads.

Snow mode reduces the power to low RPM/ 1st-2nd gear and distributes power to the wheels 50/50 when it is stuck in the snow. On activating this feature, snow mode determines when to reduce throttle and shift to a higher gear ratio to provide stability to the driver.

It gives better traction control and prevents slipping or sliding of the car.

High Beam Assist

This system automatically changes the setting of the lights to a low beam from a high beam when it detects a car in front. Regular use of high beams allows for early detection of pedestrians, supporting safe driving.

The headlight setting is generally on a high beam if the road is clear of obstacles. If there is an obstacle or car ahead of the vehicle, it automatically changes to a low beam.

All of these features can be found in the owner’s manual of Nissan Rogue.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is the least distance between the lower end of the vehicle body or chassis and the road. It is an essential feature for driving in snow. If your car has low ground clearance, then the chances are high that the bottom of the vehicle may hit bottom.

But you need not worry if you have an SUV by your side. Nissan Rogue comes with a ground clearance of 8.4 inches, giving it the freedom to drive easily in 6-8 inches of snow, which is more than sufficient.


This is another crucial aspect to look for in a car. Wheelbase refers to the distance between the center of the front and rear wheels. Longer wheelbases are much better than shorter ones. As in initiation of a slid or slip, the driver gets more time to correct and prevent the slip. While in a shorter wheelbase, the chances are high that your car may slip or slide.

Nissan Rogue comes with a wheelbase of 106.5 inches which is neither too long nor too short.

Nissan Rogue can easily be equipped with additional gears. Additional gears are a plus point in snow.

Additional gear for your car, such as snow chains, can be found here on Amazon. Please make sure that you buy the correct size of snow chain that fits the size tire of your car.